One missing piece when things just don’t go your way…

by yiye

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Very few people started a heart-based business with $1m, a team of supporters and tons of free time.

More likely, you are trying so hard to kick start yours on the side, while juggling your day job and household responsibilities.

Time and resource all seem out of reach….You are tired and drained and wondering: “Will this ever work?”

I still remember the early days, although being a service is my heart’s deepest calling, I had so many fears:

Firstly, I had been ill for 7 years. I felt easily drained and often had a high temperature – the office air con could easily throw me another fever. After years of self-care, I finally recovered. But I NEVER EVER want to lose my health again. Changing my life to a new direction made me very nervous.

Secondly, I found it tough to let my old self go. Accountancy might not be the most exciting profession, but I worked really hard to get the qualification, obtained contracts which paid me really well, and got on with everyone in the office. It felt like dumping a bestie.

Thirdly, I was not (still not) interested in cold-calling, posting flyers under people’s doors or learning all the “techniques” that make me lose my integrity. I wasn’t even sure if there were any alternative ways to making a living by doing what you love. {thank goodness there are! as I joyfully discovered later}

Fourthly, I treasure quality family time, hobbies time (dancing, hiking, traveling etc), and plenty of alone time (I know it’s hard to believe but I am an introvert). How to fit my biz, my mission/life purpose with all of these given there are only 24 hours a day, and I didn’t plan to burn myself out.

Last but not the least, I’ve been on the other side of the table: some of my ex-coaches laughed at my dreams. They were supposed to be the one who “hold my hands and shed the light”, but they poured cold water on me and asked me to “wake up”.  {hindsight: only work with people who you resonate with}

I doubted myself day and night…


Fast forward, it has been working beautifully.

There is something highly overlooked when you create your own path.

You probably know a couple of people who always seem so happy. Even when they face obstacles they can quickly find solutions and move forward.

Here is the thing: you don’t create alone with your brain.

You create with an amazing energy/frequency called “hope”.

When there is hope, it also comes with vitality, creativity and productivity.

People comment on my energy all the time. But this energy doesn’t belong to me, I just know how to tap into it.

marie4"Your story is such a huge inspiration and I know that thousands of women will find courage and hope to live their best, most creative and fulfilling life because of YOU. Your ease of self, your Spirit and energy is simply magical!" 

Marie Forleo |

You can tap into this energy too.

It’s available to you – you just need to know how to get access to it.

Instead of pushing hard to “conquer” your fears, approach the situation from a different angle – tap into your Higher Self and use the “hope energy” to activate the power of your heart.

Have you ever joined any group courses and wondered why some people have got a lot out of it, and you wish that you could have their confidence and clarity?

Have they got something that you don’t have?

Absolutely No!

You too have access to this energy!

And believe me, the sooner you know how to tap into it, the quicker you’ll move forward.

Whenever people lose momentum, it is often because that they’ve lost hope and enthusiasm.

You might have a demanding full-time job (or two part-time jobs) at the moment, or not so sure about your health while starting your heart-felt biz. You don’t want to try the old ways working 24 x 7.

The good news is that you really don’t have to…

I launched my biz within a month, not that I am special or worked 24×7, but I know how to work with this amazing energy and let it melt my fears as listed above.

I managed to get out of my overloaded head and move into my heart….

It was a huge block being lifted up, and I’ve become more excited, hopeful and motivated ever since!

yiye zhang, free your light, from lightworker to heart-based entrepreneur, turn your purpose into prosperity

You can learn how to ride with this energy too! 

You need to approach this whole “living on your own terms”, “building a heart-based biz” from a place of hope and excitement.

Here is the thing, you can buy as many “marketing tactics” courses, go to as many networking events as you want. But if you are overwhelmed, drained, scared or confused while going through these courses, how much energy do you have left to implement?

But there is an alternative for you. Learn how to tap into your true power! If you want to learn more, check out my e-course.

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