An Ordinary Heart, A Legendary Path

by yiye

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Many people start their personal-development/lifestyle businesses with good intentions.

They are active members in this industry, however proximity to others can be a double-edged sword. Gradually being bombarded by this or that “overnight success”, they fear their simple yet satisfying lives are not enough.

Then all of a sudden, harnessing your mastery becomes secondary, instead, everyone is checking out how everyone else markets their stuff.

People’s eyes are on conversion rates. People cling on to stats. People opt-out for self-confidence, desperately seeking overly-inflated recognition which does not add even an ounce of richness into the soul.

In short, people lose a sense of…balance.

When balance is missing, when glossy forms overtake substance, things become dangerous: we see charm replacing wisdom, passion becoming grandiosity, innocence turning into over-presenting…

Instead of looking for answers around you, how about keep digging your inner-voice? What about having faith that what’s yours cannot pass you by?

You have the power to shine your light, here and now, by being exactly who you are, and where you are in life, with or without a sophisticated launch in the pipeline, with or without a massive audience.

What if you really trust your own brilliance and simply share your gifts with the person next to you? The person is left in awe and cannot help but talk about you, and your purpose-driven business births (and grows) naturally from there, without any kind of pressure but merely responding to a real need?

What if you understand that competition is totally irrelevant for real winners, but cultivating your ordinary heart will naturally lead you to your legendary path?

Here is a little story and a hauntingly beautiful piece of music. I sincerely wish that they’ll serve your heart today.

An Ordinary Heart

A little monk was weeping the field around the temple in a hot summer day. The grass was dry and yellow. The little monk felt the urge to do something, “Master, we should put in some seeds.”

There is no rush, take your time,” the Master took a sip of the tea.

The little monk got the seeds, he worked hard putting them under the soil. All of a sudden, the wind came, and many seeds were blown away.

The little monk saw it and asked the master anxiously, “Look Master! The wind is so strong! I must go and protect those seeds!”

No worries. Those blown away are the ones that are empty inside. They will not be able to sprout anyway. Just let it be.

The little monk carried on working diligently. Just when he was about to finish sowing the seeds, some birds flew over, digging the soil and ate some seeds.

Upset with the situation, the little monk did his best and drove the birds away, “This is terrible, Master! The birds took so many seeds! My effort is being wasted.”

Take it easy. Go with the flow,” the Master sipped the tea as if nothing happened.

The little monk sighed and went to bed after a tiring day.

A rainstorm came overnight. The little monk started panicking. He thought about all his hard work being ruined, this time he almost cried. Rushing into the Master’s room and woke him up, “Master, this is such a disaster! The rain took all the seeds away! What shall we do?!”

“Go back to sleep. Let the seeds go where life takes them.

A few weeks later, where there used to be bare ground,  there was now fresh green grass, even in places where the little monk couldn’t reach initially.

What a wonderful treat, the little monk felt like his heart was singing, “Master. Look, look! The grass is out! It’s everywhere!

All is deserved. Accordingly rejoice.” The master said as if he knew it all along.

You see, a perceived miracle is simply an accumulation of daily trust to your heart and your course. Your hard work will show. Your business will grow, although might not be how you force it to be.

A Legendary Path

When you cultivate your ordinary heart daily, it will naturally lead you to a legendary path.

Let the history of flying reassure you on your path to living your dream.

When you fall, wobble, drop, your ordinary heart will hold you strongly and keep nourishing you gently.

To your courageous, wild soul. All is deserved. Accordingly rejoice.


courageous heart, legendary path, law of attraction, intuition, essenceGratitude:

Story: folk story from Buddhism

Music by Helen Jane Long Aviators

Video by Yannick Bammert

Photo by anieto2k

All my love,

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I help you decode the mysteries of your soul + bring abundance to your daily reality.

This is my journey, and this is how we can co-create for you.


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