Losing My Amazon Virginity – Our Book Is Out Today!

by yiye

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We hit #1 best seller on Amazon in 7 categories!!!!??????
I am very excited to announce that our book 365 Moments Of Grace is finally made available on Amazon!

By definition, grace means:
:: smoothness and elegance of movement.
:: courteous good will.
:: bring honour or credit to (someone or something) by one’s attendance or participation.

Having been a book worm since age -1, this is huge for me! So good to finally lose my Amazon virginity. I really enjoyed the opportunity to write about grace (the whole experience was very graceful as well, thank you, title!)

In this book, all of us (contributor authors) opened our heart and shared those defining moments in life, through which we connected with Universal Grace, such as:

?Messages from Our Soul & Beyond
?Physical Shake-Ups & Near-Death Experiences
?Everyday Grace
?Signs of Grace
?Animals & Nature
?Loving Grace
?Earth Angels
?Divine Interventions & Timing
?Grace-Filled Transitions
?Graceful Epiphanies

I’ve shared 3 short stories on how I found grace through perceived hardships in the past.

It is our deepest wishes to help you calling your graceful miracles in life.

You can get your copy here.Β (with boatload of bonuses!)

Still excited- really hope you’ll enjoy it!



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