Re-emerging, Like The Phoenix

by yiye

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From the ashes, you rise, like the phoenix, soaring to the sun.

Shedding, dissolving, releasing…preparing to die, over and over. Yet each time you are reborn with greater power.

You are ALL IN for your transformation. No room for resentment, regrets or revenge when you can embrace even more renewed qualities of your soul.

Entered into the fire, burned in the flame, miraculously you set yourself free.

Transcending the pain, at the centre of the flame is the secret of resurrection.

So how can you re-invent yourself in the New Year, just like the magnificent phoenix?

Quit being the second-class version of someone else.

The moment she quit being the second-class version of someone else, every word she spoke, every room she walked into, every move she made…all became the music of her soul.

And she never looked back.

The phoenix doesn’t copy someone else. She doesn’t look for external approval. She fearlessly flies towards her inner-vision.

Quit being the second-class version of someone else. This includes your mentors, your teachers, your heroes…They are your inspirations, companions and sources of guidance, but they are not YOU.

Only you can walk your own path, all other paths have been taken.


Keep opening your heart.

The phoenix has a long history – the good, the bad, the ugly. She might been let down, misunderstood or rejected before. But none of those matter anymore.

She is now free from drama because she is well equipped to forgive and move on.

She gains her most valuable insights from her most vulnerable place.

Deep down she knows that the moment she closes her heart, she herself is the first person to be harmed – closing the heart means being cut off from the flow.

No matter how challenging it is, keep your heart open. This is the only way to cultivate your aliveness.

Learn from the animals. Learn from the flowers. The more you are able to open your heart, the more abundance you can receive.



Freakin’ own it.

Own it, sister. Step into your light, spread your message. The phoenix doesn’t compare or compete, she just is…

Whenever you feel low, or small, or insignificant, or intimidated, or threatened, remember:

It’s your RIGHT to tell your story, to share your gifts, to express your quirks, to live your divinity, to become the person that you’ve died so many times to be reborn to.

Nobody can take away your right from you, but you.

Nobody can grant the permission to you, but you.

Now, clear the fog and allow your light to shine through.

There is a phoenix in me.

There is a phoenix in you too.

Happy New Year & re-emerge!

With Abundance Love,

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