Make Your Money Relationship Fulfilling, Playful & Long-lasting

by yiye

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In the online business world, it is so easy to get caught up in “performing”, “growing your numbers”, “expanding”, or “getting bigger”, while those goals and mentality have their merits. Sometimes, too much of those plays a draining force rather than inspirations. As you know, no matter how many strategies you try, if you don’t get the energy behind it right, it is still frustrating.

How to turn it around: be playful, be curious, be lovingly sexy with your Money.

My friend Holly Worton from Socially Holistic invited me for an interview, and in this interview, you will learn:

  • How to stop pressuring yourself and start playing with money
  • Why it’s crucial to stay curious about your money stuff
  • Why your relationship with money shouldn’t be a one night stand
  • How to make a commitment and have a great relationship with money
  • Why money is a skill…yes, a skill

Once again, you can download the podcast for free here.




Manifest money, Abundance, Money relationship, Low of Attraction, Secret behind secrets

Manifesting money, intuition, law of attraction

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Every time I hear you or connect with you more I feel more and more warmth towards you. You are inspirational! Thank you for being so candid and open. I am going through a process of awareness at the moment, and have realised it feels really scary to expose myself, especially on the internet. Your example has made me realise it is more important to be your authentic self. Also I love this about making money your lover. Interestingly it has made me conscious that I need to repair some of my attitudes to romance in order to improve my relationship with money. Thank you for all you offer. Much love πŸ™‚



You are welcime Emma! Isn’t it great that once we are conscious with one area of life, other aspects become better too!
Love & Abundance


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