FAQ & Policies

Re-publishing policy:

I believe in affinity, if you enjoy any of my articles on this website, feel free to use, share, or republish, in your book, on your site, during your workshop, or in whichever ways that you are helping your community. No need to ask me for permission, all you need to do is to credit this website URL.

Advice policy:

I value my community. In the past, I run a “You Asked, I listened” Q & A segment on my blog. Thanks to those awesome questions submitted by you, this Q & A segment covers a wide range of topics. You can readΒ my previous advice articles here.

In addition, to help you continuously grow personally, spiritually and professionally, I hostΒ Divine Salon series, where I’ll answer your burning questions and sharing my latest tips on Money/Abundance, Spirituality/Intuition & Divine Feminine Power.Β More details are coming – stay tuned!

Guest post policy:

I adore generosity. I publish high-quality guest posts at times. If you have something original and incredibly useful, such as practical tips, an inspiring story, a heart-felt message, or a beautiful creation that you want to share with us, you are welcome to email me yiye@yourlifeexpression.com. If there is a good fit, your article will be published and joyfully shared with our community (including your bio and URL). Here are a couple of examples for you: 1 & 2. A good collaboration is always soul-nurturing.

Ads-free & if you want to offer support:

Trust is everything. That’s why I’m keeping this space ads-free (with exception of occasional affiliate partnership for products/services that I personally used and loved and I believe that it will also bring you awesome results – which will be fully and clearly disclosed). It is not just me who created this community – you and I co-created this cool space. If you find value here and would like to support me [thank you thank you and thank you!], there are so many ways, such as:

+ share your favourite blog posts on your favourite social media channels;

+ forward my email to a dear friend who is in need hearing some encouraging and helpful words;

+ have an Abundance Date with your girlfriends, really enjoy yourselves and talk about my FREE Abundance eCourse with them over dinner/afternoon tea;

+ and of course, if you are in a place to be guided and supported right now, you can find more of me right here and here, so that we can put you right back to your soul’s real path.

…thank you so much, big heart!


Thank you for reading & have a good day!