Private Mentoring: Feminine Prosperity

I believe that your sensitivity and softness are hugely underrated strengths.

I believe that your sensual playfulness and your wild creativity are essential. They should be celebrated and proudly embedded in your work and life, not ignored.

I believe that you can learn how to trust your Spirit, and become your own best Spirit Guide, instead of the worst enemy.

I believe that you do not have to suffer from unnecessary struggles as your path can graciously unfold for you.

There is a woman…

There is a woman. She is rooted. She is at ease. She is fearless when she needs to be – with her self-expression, to walk her path, to listen to her intuition, to become her inner-authority, to support her family.

She is devoted to her purpose, but she continues to surprise…

We can clearly tell that divine feminine moves through her art, words and laughter.

Her senses are awaken. Her voice is bold. She is her own permission.

She brims with inspiration. She triumphs with compassion. And she encourages others to do the same.

She is wildly in tune with her Self.

We know that this woman is in you.

How about exploring your divine feminine style? Unapologetically infuse it into your work, relationships, life and leisure? And really own it today and everyday forward?

This is a VIP private mentoring tailored for you. I work with clients across continents & backgrounds, who feel called to get back in touch with the lost divine feminine. Heart to heart, we’ll “meet” via skype/phone during a 3-hour sacred container.

Leaning back to your high feminine, take a leap in the soul.

In the past five years, I’ve personally mentored hundreds of courageous women, and they have:

πŸŽ€ created more space in life and thus received success with great ease;

πŸŽ€ learned how to surrender to their femininity and heal their precious inner-child;

πŸŽ€ come out of their creative and/or spiritual closet with joy & relief, despite how terrifying it seemed at the beginning;

πŸŽ€Β strengthened the connection with the Self and shifted the relationship dynamic with the important people in their life;

πŸŽ€ released stubborn negative money patterns & got payrise; doubled or even tripled their businesses;

πŸŽ€ improved their self-worth and created signature offerings that they are proud of (eg, one client’s program has been highlighted in Parliament).

πŸ’― I honour your entire being.

My style is very distinctive and non-judgemental.

Because I really understand…

Divine feminine was at severe absence while I was growing up. My childhood was filled with endless exams, ranking (based on exam results and some arbitrary stats), and military style of hardwork. I could not take much time off. Feeling suppressed was an understatement.

Until my first spiritual awakening happened when I was 21, chronic illness lasted for seven years, for the very first time in my life I got back in touch with my feminine Self – a bliss in disguise.

Despite having demanding jobs at the FTSE100 companies, I started playing, taking things slowly, feeling chilled and comfortable, and even learnt some hot Brazilian and Cuban partner dances…

As my feminine energy was continuously growing and expanding, it came to a decision that the corporate world was no longer right for me.

I wanted to leave that world behind and pursue my inner-richness, creativity, a life reflecting my true essence and sensuality. And I did.

In mid 2012 I birthed my business. Thanks to the divine feminine energy, by surrendering to which I was able to let go of any noises or artificial hype in the market, and run my life and business in a way that deeply resonates with my soul. And today I still keep things simple.

I believe that you do not have to suffer from unnecessary struggles as your path can graciously unfold for you.

I believe that you can learn how to trust your Spirit, and become your own best Spirit Guide, instead of the worst enemy.

I believe that your sensual playfulness and your wild creativity are important. They should be proudly embedded in your work and life, not ignored.

Here are some love notes from my past clients, and they want you to know:

πŸ’—Β  “I grew up with the mentality of being feminine = being weak. You really have opened my mind and heart and guided me to reconnect with my empowered femininity.”

πŸ’—Β  “I really enjoyed hearing about the depth of my soul in a way that resonates with me now. Our time together combined both business and soul purpose guidance, and you were very sensitive to me as a person…”

πŸ’—Β  “You woke up the benevolentΒ leader in me. I just got a promotion, a payrise, and I’m having a better connection with my partner! I now know that I can be both feminine and successful, what a relief!”

πŸ’—Β  “I want to thank you from the bottom of my essence for the work that You do. So many people say “I’ve found the light! Do it this way!!” …but you say “Here’s my light. I can see Yours. Can you see it, too? Let me shine mine on yours until you can see and hold your Own.””

πŸ’—Β  “Surrendering has allowed me to believe in what I do and also to appreciate what I am creating…how much things have shifted is still surreal!”

πŸ’—Β  “I loved Yiye flexible approach as each session covered a different topic – my business; my feminine side; romantic relationships. Her intuitive skills were very accurate and the exercises we did together were gentle and relaxing.”

πŸ’—Β  “She is a very open channel to the highest good of her clients. She helped me to answer all of the questions and release the blocks that had held me back in my business and left me feeling a huge sense of relief and hope. I then took the tools she had given me that day and changed a lot of things for the better in my life and business and relationships. And, not only did we accomplish a ton during the VIP mentoring day but it was lots of fun too! I can’t recommend Yiye and her services highly enough. When you find your way to her website – just book a session for whatever you feel called to do. You will be SO glad you did!”

πŸ’—Β “Yiye can connect and navigate different aspects in life and make them continuous and flow at all spiritual, emotional and intellectual levels. (In our life), one area leads to another, this is such a great way to understand yourself overall…”

πŸ’—Β “You cross spiritual and practical boundaries…”

πŸ’—Β  “You helped me value me, not just my ideas…”

πŸ’—Β  “…very effective in clearing issues around self-worth…”

πŸ’—Β  “Focusing on me for the full session allowed me to face things that I had avoided and reconnect with what I truly want to offer and how I want to do it…”

πŸ’—Β  “I recommend Yiye to anyone who is open to exploring their life with a more spiritual, soulful view point, especially if you want to have a new way of thinking. She will happily share her experience with you…”

πŸ’—Β  “Her advice was so simple but the impact in my business has been profound. Working with Yiye should be mandatory training for heart-centered entrepreneurs. She is very generous and warm but also no-nonsense.”

πŸ’—Β  “Her gifts are invaluable and she gives them with such pleasure and dedication!”

πŸ“ If you want to read more detailed reviews, please visit this dedicated page.

β€œAn integral being knows without going, sees without looking, and accomplishes without doing.” – Lao Zi

This is how nature is intended. Let’s be in this magical place together.

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Your investment: GBP297 (approx. USD380)

πŸ¦„ This VIP private mentoring usually lasts 3 hours (with 1~2 short breaks in between). This mentorship is tailoured for your individual needs. Prior to our sessions, I’ll ask you a few questions (via email) to help you explore your intention and help you prepare (and your answers will help me prepare).

🌎 I’m based in London (UK) and I work with clients worldwide virtually.

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πŸ“ If you want to read more detailed reviews, please visit this dedicated page.