Love Notes & Radiant Reviews

Love notes and kind words from our soul sisters…🙏

Surrendering has allowed me to believe in what I do and also to appreciate what I am creating. Your words touched me in a deep way, but until recently I never understood how deep. Surrendering my need to know how things should happen and replace that conditioning with faith and trust has been monumental for me!...Thank you Yiye for helping me discover faith and trust in me, in what I am doing and in my purpose. Tonight I am celebrating the success of my programs and work with disengaged youth being highlighted at a Members Assembly at Parliament house – how much things have shifted is still surreal!

paulaI write this testimonial with the thoughts of beautiful contrast – where I was when I started with you and where I am now. 

I came to you needing clarity with my work and my purpose. I knew that I was evolving in the right direction but it still seemed so broad. Your words touched me in a deep way, but until recently I never understood how deep. Surrendering my need to know how things should happen and replace that conditioning with faith and trust has been monumental for me!

Surrendering has allowed my niche to come through - Self Esteem Elevation Life Coach specializing in disengaged and unemployed young adults.

Surrendering has allowed me to attract exciting new business opportunities as well as the perfect business partners that are helping me with my passion.

Since accepting my niche, literally overnight I have had government brokers find me and ask me to put together programs for unemployed youth. Community partner groups have expressed interest in my programs and are assisting me to secure corporate funding. I am even making ground with the Department of Juvenile Justice and other government employment agencies.

Surrendering has allowed me to believe in what I do and also to appreciate what I am creating. In 5 months I have worked with over 150 young adults with outcomes of almost 95% within weeks of completing my programs. Only yesterday I watched seven participants from different programs, from different areas and cultural backgrounds sit and share a meal like family friends. It dawned on me that I am helping young people become tolerate and empowered these young adults to think about who they are, what they represent and to be active participants in their futures. My work I know, will one day be a story that my clients will be telling their grandchildren about – this is the ultimate reward.

Thank you Yiye for helping me discover faith and trust in me, in what I am doing and in my purpose. I am longer afraid, I now believe and trust in me and that I am divinely guided and taken care of. From myself, my clients, their families and generations of family to come (this is how much I believe in my work) – thank you! You are an angel with a great mission – one woman at a time!

After working with Yiye I've turned my negative thoughts about money into positive. I have respect and love for it! Manifestation really works and following hearts desires has great power.

During my time with Yiye, we re-shaped my business plan and it was really helpful. Yiye pointed out how I didn't say anything about myself and that was a big eye opener to value me not just my ideas. Also her tips overall perfected my whole plan.

Another positive shift I noticed when working with Yiye was the growth I experienced. Living in my comfort zone is something in the past. Now that I have stepped outside my box to follow my dreams and passions I am now capable to do anything, this will change my life now and in the future!

However, what I enjoyed the most  was when we were going over my business plan and Yiye randomly felt the need to say "Lisa, you are a warrior!" At that moment my whole life flashed back to me and I thought:" you know what she's right! I am a warrior!" So to this day every hurdle I come across I tell myself "Lisa, you are a warrior and this too shall pass."

I would definitely recommend Yiye's service to others because everyone deserves to experience this positive influence in their life and business!

Lisa Liptak

You helped me to regain so much connection with My Self, my Higher Self, My spirit and My Light. You gently reminded me to always take the story back to Me and you helped me to really in a very real, tangible way develop the most tender love for my Self.

I-Love-MeDearest Yiye,

I found you to be in SUCH beautiful alignment with your Spirit, your Light and with Pure Love consciousness.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my essence for the work that You do. It is so important and Powerful. You helped me to regain so much connection with My Self, my Higher Self, My spirit and My Light. You gently reminded me to always take the story back to Me and you helped me to really in a very real, tangible way develop the most tender love for my Self.

In so doing, I have been able to reconnect with my inner Light and have been able to awaken my Artist. I have been commissioned to create a piece of artwork for a spiritual couple! And I have sold a piece of art that I had channeled Gaia for!

My marriage has fallen apart, as have my old stories about how unworthy and unlovable I am. We are separating. I do not know the outcome, but I do know that no matter what, I love myself more than I ever have, so I no longer need or want to settle for less than a fully loving relationship.

I am choosing Love and standing in Love's embrace more regularly and continuously now. My whole life is changing. I can even feel my chemistry has changed a lot. The old stories have lost much of their hold on me.

I know that I did this... that I am my own healer, but girl you helped me to FLY through this. You made it light, almost effortless, elegant and supremely enjoyable. You helped me to accelerate my personal healing in an exponential way.

I hesitate to mention the separation part as a strength to your testimony, but in truth it IS, because it gives testimony to how I don't need to be in relationship with a partner to BE secure, to BE loved, to BE good enough, to prove my lovability. It feels like a strength to me to BE ENOUGH as I am, on my own two feet.

You walk your talk and you stand on your own two feet.

You helped me to find my own footing so that I too am standing up on my own two feet, fully supported by my loving guidance and my loving Higher Self.

I genuinely cannot thank you enough for the teachings you have imparted to me. For having this beautiful path and saying "here's a way you can look at things" without saying "this is the way." I love how you teach through tenderness, love and gentleness.

So many people say "I've found the light! Do it this way!!" ...

but you say "Here's my light. I can see Yours. Can you see it, too? Let me shine mine on yours until you can see and hold your Own."


Dr. Tracy Bradley

alessandra I loved Yiye flexible approach as each session covered a different topic – my business; my feminine side; romantic relationships.

Over the course of our sessions, I received little extras from Yiye – two prayers and a link to a video that really talked to me and touched me. Her intuitive skills were very accurate and the exercises we did together were gentle and relaxing. However, the aspect I enjoy the most was Yiye friendly and “laughing” approach. I personally find traditional/rigid/corporate like coaches boring and not really suitable for my nature, so her style really made the difference for me!

I enjoyed Yiye's kind and gentle manner and obviously she is a very open channel to the highest good of her clients. She's gifted, she's caring, she wants the best for you, she's professional and reliable!


I contacted Yiye and scheduled a VIP mentoring day with her. I was at a point in my life and business where I felt disconnected with my purpose, and generally unenthusiastic about work and life in general. I guess I felt lost. I wanted to continue to grow spiritually and had questions I needed answered around my life and business. As an intuitive myself I knew Yiye was a great fit for me to work with.

Yiye is a very warm and caring person, and an extremely gifted intuitive and healer. During my VIP mentoring day she helped me to answer all of the questions and release the blocks that had held me back in my business and left me feeling a huge sense of relief and hope. I then took the tools she had given me that day and changed a lot of things for the better in my life and business and relationships. And, not only did we accomplish a ton during the VIP day but it was lots of fun too!

As a healer and intuitive myself I find it so helpful to have a fresh set of eyes on my business and Yiye is very gifted. I've had a huge increase in my client base ($5,200) and it's been so great because these are my ideal clients! I've had several people talk about my home page and how they could relate and it really resonated with them. I was struggling with that for months!

I can't recommend Yiye and her services highly enough. When you find your way to her website - just book a session for whatever you feel called to do. You will be SO glad you did!

Her gifts are invaluable and she gives them with such pleasure and dedication!

alla1 - Copy"I cannot describe in words what an impact Yiye has with her work on my life. Everything she said in our session resonated so much with my inner voice. There are so many things we feel but her reassurance that I am a healer made me take the steps in starting my business as a spiritual guide. 

Her confidence in my abilities gave me the permission I needed to move beyond my fears and also start with writing for example. I used to write a lot several years ago but after a person whom I had a lot of respect towards heavily criticized me, I gave up and swore that I will never write a line again. Finally I am able to feel this joy again and people love my blog! 

The insights she gave me during just one session propelled me forward and gave me the energy to move quickly in building my business and live my purpose in life to the fullest.

I have been touched with her following up on my progress and being there for me if I have further questions. Her gifts are invaluable and she gives them with such pleasure and dedication! I am so grateful to have you in my life! Thank you, Yiye!"

Alla Petcheniouk
Spiritual Coach & Guide

What I enjoyed most about the VIP intensive was Yiye's gentle but challenging approach to help me shift out of my money blocks. Her advice was so simple but the impact in my business has been profound. I easily quadrupled my investment with working with Yiye within a few weeks.

ChristianSince working with Yiye I have totally shifted my mindset around money and abundance. Clearing my money blocks was instrumental in helping me make space to receive several new clients, all of whom selected my highest priced offering.

Yiye also helped me understand how to invite people to work with me in ways that felt easy and natural. I absolutely recommend Yiye to anyone who is feeling stuck or challenged with feeling like they are not receiving the kind of abundance they are looking for. Working with Yiye should be mandatory training for heart-centered entrepreneuers.

The three most important things you should know about working with Yiye: she is very generous and warm but also no-nonsense. She provides excellent advice but makes it clear that you have to be willing to take action if you want to see results. And finally, I felt her belief in me and my work and would definitely work with her again.

Thank you letter from Christian Marie Herron, Storyteller + Brand Strategist

She makes you feel comfortable right in the first minute...

olga ponte"My VIP mentoring day with Yiye was mind blowing!!! She is friendly and funny, makes you feel comfortable right in the first minute. She helped me in getting clear about my next steps, how to achieve my goals and dreams in just a few sentences. Her program is also very effective in clearing money blocks and issues around self worth. After my session I felt stronger and starting taking action in building my dream life with confidence. Working with Yiye is a win-win, don’t wait to book a session with her!"
Olga Pontes, Biologist & Designer

So many things we worked through during our mentorship have come true! I hesitated to create my heart’s desires because of my own fears. After working with Yiye, a big shift is that I feel confident in my decision to move to the city to be with people and offer workshops (after resigning my job)!!

sarahI am someone who knows that I move through the world as an intuitive and longs to bring this ability to the forefront of my life in a way that will be of service to others. Those that relate to this will be greatly benefited by working with Yiye. 

I would certainly recommend Yiye’s services to people, especially if you are willing to take your learning journey into your own hands.

I liked the feeling of taking charge of my life and my decisions and felt good about just going for it. I like that I gave myself the time for inner work. I like that Yiye was there cheering me on and I especially liked our phone conversations. I’ve incorporated many practices into my daily life that help me to feel more confident about my choices in life, trust my intuition and love my spirit."


Initially I was concerned about the cost but I learned about manifesting money and have done so.

charlotte, yiye zhang, london intuitive business mentor, spirit & soul purpose guide,, lightworker, ask your guides"My session with Yiye was astonishing. I’ve never encountered someone before who could express so intuitively and accurately my soul’s passions and desires and the whole experience resonated very strongly with me. During the session I could literally feel my heart jumping with joy at feeling so understood. Her insights are fascinating and have left me with much to think about, as well as some practical tips to help me feel less overwhelmed and move forward more freely.

During my work with Yiye, I left my job of 10 years to become a freelancer and felt remarkably OK with my decision. An overwhelm turned into an empowering breakthrough. I’ve developed my intuition, increased my self-awareness, and learned useful tips for self-care. Yiye is a lovely person to work with. Gentle, practical, spiritual and wise, I have really enjoyed our sessions together.

I would recommend Yiye's service to anyone with an open mind. It will enhance your life experience, help you to deal with change and move forward more positively and confidently."

Charlotte Davies, Writer, Marketer
Author of From

"You woke up the benevolent leader in me. I just got a promotion, a payrise, and I’m having a better connection with my partner! I now know that I can be both feminine and successful, what a relief!"

"Over the past few years, I have thought that I could be a good manager if the opportunity came along. When I got the opportunity to apply for a manager role in my company I hesitated as I wasn't sure if I was good enough. I have always been shy since I was a young kid.

I didn't know if I would be able to step up. Yiye could tell almost straight away that my spirit was saying I should go for it. She assured me that no matter how shy my personality was, there is a benevolent leader inside me, waiting to be unleashed.

Yiye even set up a couple of mock interviews with me, which helped to put my mind at rest and showed me that I did have relevant experience. I got the job offer - a promotion with a payrise! Yiye also offered follow up with me to help me make the transition period easier by following my intuition. Thank you so much Yiye for all your help, I don't think I could have done it without you.

Something unexpected happened too, I also learnt how to communicate and connect with my partner better, we feel closer than ever before!"

Andrea Smith, Manager, London

She was able to quickly tune into the ways I was blocking myself and to help me clear them out.


She's a rare find, a combination between a healer, an intuitive, and an astute business advisor!"

Amberlee, BodyTalk practioner



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