What Would Your Most Prosperous Self Do?

by yiye

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Many years ago, 11.75 to be specific, I arrived in London. Freshly graduated, just shy of 20, about to start my first “proper job”, I was immensely nervous.

And a little clueless – I needed to find shelter but how did the rental market work here? Why was everything (especially rent) twice or three times more expensive than the north?

I didn’t know anyone here, nor did I have many possessions then, well, except from my close-to-maxed out credit card.

I went to see landlord after landlord, and only found out that there were very few places I could afford, which all involved house-sharing with others.

It wasn’t ideal given how introverted I am. But I thought that was all I had enough for. When I was just about to sign a contract to live in one of the houses, I saw a studio available for rent next to it.

Small, yet it beamed an aura of independence, you know, it felt so grown up.

I took a little peek at the price: Holy, S…definitely a stretch! But I LOVED that studio! Due to the imbalanced supply and demand, it could be gone in minutes. I had to make a snap decision.

“What would your most prosperous self do?” A seductive female voice came out of a radio in the shop nearby.

After the initial reaction of “what a cheesy question!”, that voice really got me into thinking on the spot. The more I thought about it, the more I was inspired.

Even to this day I still remember the goosebumps I got, “No, I don’t just want a shelter. My most prosperous self wants a home. I want a home! I want the freedom to chill and relax on my own after a long day…”

As I heard myself, I committed to that studio.

For the record, I did have to take out another credit card to be able to pay for the deposit, but very soon I got a pay rise and a bonus to cover the additional rent.

Nine months later, I moved to a slightly bigger studio flat; then another year later, to a much more spacious n chic one bed apartment where I stayed until Andrew asked me to marry him.

I had many mature friends who teased me: “You? On your own? Living in such a (relatively) big place in crowded London? How much money could you have saved from rent after these years, so silly.”

I smiled at them “Maybe”, but I knew my truth well, “Probably silly, but how many 20s can one have in a lifetime? And how much freedom I would have sacrificed otherwise? Plus my salary kept going up anyway – when I’m sane at home, I always do a good job at work.”

When you aim to make more, there’s so much more abundance available to you than merely saving more…

What would your most prosperous self do?


We must honour what is important to us.

I am not asking you to get into debt or live beyond your means.

And I definitely don’t imply that you must live by yourself in your 20s (or at any age!).

The merit of the story is simple: don’t let your existing circumstances define you, get back in touch with what lights you up and make decisions from that place.

Nothing is more empowering than inviting your most prosperous self to nudge you into the direction you are meant to take (ie, the place in life that your soul feels like it belongs).

Don’t make decisions based on money, but allow money to provide for your dream.

Once you make a commitment with your Self. Money does come to support you. Money wants you to succeed. Money wants you to make things happen. Money wants to assist you to manifest whatever feels important to you: be it freedom, quality time, peace…whatever matters to you the most.

When you think of money, it is possible to feel a rush of gratitude and love, not fear, anxiety or resentment.

Money is neither your master nor servant (I know that those two extremes are the notions of our society but really it isn’t fun nor empowering!)

Instead, money can be a dear friend, a devoted lover, a joyful guide and healer for you, who loves and adores you, who witnesses your most beautiful, confident and prosperous Self inside.

This is an excerpt of my Money First Aid Kit. Curious about this new liberating way to approach money? Check it out here and continually improve your relationship with abundance – financially, emotionally and spiritually.

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Your Money habit directly impacts your well-being and degree of your freedom. I want to empower you: Money is a skill that can be learned and reshaped, no matter how much self-doubt you are experiencing right now.

People often say that I have a fascinating background, from the East to the West, from Chartered Accountant to soulful Psychic, from Physics & Maths graduate to creative writer, from leading FTSE100 projects to guiding rising, spiritual, online entrepreneurs.

But the truth is that I don’t experience much separation between the right-brain/left-brain, intuition/logic, deep healing/strategic planning. I am a firm believer that, in order to make your message clear and be heard in this crowded online world, you MUST blend both sides.

I was NOT born loaded.  In fact, when I first came to the UK at the age of 17 on my own, I had less than 1,000 pounds left after paying for my University tuition and laptop.

I had to find a job quickly and my wage was £4.20 per hour. It took me 20+ part-time jobs in total to support myself throughout Uni. Gradually I learnt how to navigate my way in a foreign land, live my worth, charge my worth, and making a fab living while making a real impact.

If you are looking to make more Money in a playful, fun yet no nonsense way, my style can assist you during your spiritual evolution. I’m passionate to help you bring more wholeness in your business and Money making experiences.

Here are what your SoulFam said:

“I have seen many “money manifesting” and money blocking courses/products with no real content, only the “think about it and it will come” type of rhetoric. Yours is practical and spirit driven.”

“…a beautiful blend of practical, psychological and spiritual exercises designed to help you heal your relationship with money and attract more of it into your life. I’ve read through several programmes that aim to increase abundance, but many of Yiye’s exercises were completely new to me…”

“Thank you for your training materials – they’ve really made a difference. My alchemy box is working its magic already.”

“…I went from feeling really discouraged by my money stories and patterns to feeling a deep sense of being so safe and cared for by the Universe.”

“I believe this (a guest post being featured on a big blog site) came as a result of the subliminal audio that I’ve been listening to twice a day. So thank you!”

“…I was hoping to receive $50k, but it turned out to be $205k, I knew it was time spent with you and your subliminal audio which made a huge difference…”

“Thank you for your vibes and sharing your truths! I’ve already had tons of new insights as well as ideas how I’ll be going forward to fulfill my dreams and desires.”

 Happy Blond Girl Opening a Treasure Box
Love & Prosperity
Yiye Zhang

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