Put the “abundance hat” on + how to get out of a rut

by yiye

I bumped into an acquaintance two weeks ago. I like this kind of surprise so we decided to have tea together and catch up.

She is at a job that she doesn’t really like, she feels under-appreciated and under-paid. Office politics annoys her.

I can relate to all of that myself- I’ve been there before.

She said the biggest challenge for her right now is a lack of money.

The company she works for has a huge reputation for providing the minimum for its staff. And she told me that she would definitely struggle without her family’s support.

Throughout the conversation, she kept a genuine smile on her face.

“A strong girl”, I thought, but deep down she doesn’t believe that she has the power to make any positive changes.

Right at that moment, another surprise came through. I heard her spirit guide talking : “She will have a payrise soon. You can tell her and give her more encouragement.”

OK, that was new to me.

When I do my job professionally as an intuitive coach and spirit guide, I do it from home. Quiet, no interruption or disruption.

While I’m out, I deliberately “unplug” myself, otherwise there is too much to pick up.

But clearly that was a message, despite the noise around us.

Initially I hesitated. She didn’t invite me to help her “free her light and live a fabulous life”, nor ask my opinion on anything.

And I don’t like giving unsolicited advice or information.

Well, actually I do like giving advice. That’s why I left the corporate world to be an intuitive coach.

But giving unsolicited advice is interfering and intrusive. It’s not a great feeling for the recipient, what’s more, they are more likely to dismiss the information.

I’ve been working hard on a balance between being available for people and not giving information unless asked.

I didn’t want to come across too strong, so I said: “Well, you never know. Perhaps you will get a payrise soon!”

She laughed out loud: “That can only happen in my dream. The company have had a pay freeze for a couple of years. Payrise? Soon? In this economy? No way!!”

I eased it further: “In case you do get one, don’t forget to tell me.”


Yesterday, I got a message from her – I didn’t expect it this quickly to be honest.

“Thank you. You asked me to tell you when I get a payrise. Guess what? I just did! I think you’ll laugh at me but it’s only 3% – this is such a joke. This company is a joke. My salary is forever a joke!”

Wow! I’m impressed with how fast she get a payrise, although I expected it. What surprised me even more was her reaction to the 3%.

3% might not seem a lot, but it is A GOOD START. Why on earth would I laugh at her?!

The mindset she has is a typical “lack mindset”.

“The economy is depressing, so I need a lot of money to feel safe. 3% is too little. The company is always this stingy. I’m just a foreigner here, I don’t think I’m good enough to find another job which pays me well. I’m stuck here forever!”

I was really happy for her 3% raise – a lot happier than herself.

It opens up more possibilities!

“OMG, I’ve got 3% more- it’s well enough to book a ticket to Brazil – I’ve always been dreaming of! In fact, I’ll look into it right now! And my company has finally changed – they are starting to treat us like humans. Of course there is more room to improve, but 3% is better than nothing. It also gives me encouragement to be really good at my job, and I’ll learn everything I can about negotiation. In 12 months time, I’ll ask for 10% raise. If they don’t give this to me, I’ll then find another job which rewards me more fairly. I might not have the confidence right now, but in 12 month’s time, I will.”

This reality can be as real as the previous one.

This is how abundance works. An upward spiral.

Mindset first + consistent actions = Desired reality.

My first part-time job, while I was studying at Uni, paid me £4.20 per hour.

I really appreciated it. I tried so hard to find any job to support myself, because international students weren’t allowed to take up loans. But no one even trusted me to mop the floor or clean their toilets, as my English wasn’t good enough.

Eventually, a restaurant was happy for me to be a waitress. I was over the moon. From that day onward, I have become financially independent. No matter how little I earned, I didn’t let myself go hungry while studying a challenging subject at Uni.

And I brought a lot of enthusiasm into my job, as a result customers always gave me more than average tips.

Years later, my day rate before I left corporate was £440.

Without recognizing and feeling the joy £4.20 gave to me, I couldn’t make £440.

£4.20 showed me that there is hope.

Hope opens up opportunities.

So I whole-heartedly celebrated it.

3% is not a lot, but it’s a gesture, a starting point.

You might have found your first-ever customer who is willing to pay $50.

Sure, you can’t make a living by $50 alone. But you can go and find your second, third customers…until you have 3-5 paying clients, you’ll know that your offer is viable and there is a demand. You’ll then have motivation to be really good at what you are doing, providing fabulous services, and you can aim to double your rate in 3 month’s time….

From there you can learn more and reach more people…

And build a lifestyle you really adore and a business works for you…

People talk about quantum leaps a lot these days, but underneath each leap there is years of accumulation of passion and ground work. Those little things do add up eventually.

My dear friend, can you put the “abundance” hat on?

To your happiest possible self.

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