Q & A: How to email pitch your hand-made business? (b) – example and script

by yiye

Thanks a lot for your kind comments and messages on last week’s post 7 ingredients you must know about email pitching!

To help you apply these concepts further, I am gonna share a specific example and a template, with explanations, for you to take away.

About a month ago, I saw this email in my inbox, opening like this:

My name is Anni and I am really happy to stumble across your website. I’m Chinese too, and I’m always interested in seeing people of my culture go into the coaching/healing field

[She values coaching/healing work overall – it got me interested. This immediately build a connection and trust].

“I read your website with great interest for those reasons, and I wanted to ask if you want any help on the business side of your practice. ….In addition to helping women sell, I also design really beautiful looking brands and websites for coaches, so that it’s a very cohesive effort.”

[To be frank, back then selling/branding/web design were NOT my top priority. However, Anni didn’t go straight into the sell, eg, telling me all different packages, pricing choices. She simply asked if I needed help. And by asking, it helped to get the conversation going from there.] 

I got back to her and explained that I was swamped and frustrated because the book I was writing Express the Master Within seems to be a never-ending project – I love the writing itself but the practical design part is really difficult for me.

What I really liked about Anni’s reply is that she listened and show her understanding about my frustration.

In the follow up, she only ASKED again if I need help on e-book design, and gave me a few thoughts and great suggestions immediately before discussing a quotation.

And of course I said yes! In fact, I was happy that Anni approached me, because it saved me tons of time to search, browse, compare different designers.

This is what modern selling about, and Anni demonstrated it really well:

  • You listen to people’s needs and give them a helping hand (instead of blindly imposing what you believe they need) – this will make selling much easier and more natural;
  • You are NOT afraid to put yourself out there, and proactively give value first, way before asking for anything from your prospective clients;
  • You are passionate about what you do, helping people to bring their vision into reality, so the money you earn is just a sacred by-product of your creation.


(Anni offers heart-felt design for your website/logo, e-products and luxury & finest jewellery. Check out the links)


After reading the insights and concepts, I invite you to take action now :

The below is an example script, with structure, and explanation of each step. Tweak it to suit your specific needs and create a heart-felt pitch. [Text in green are the explanations].

Hi [their name],

I’m [your name] from [your company/website], and our common friend [xxx] passed me your details  etc [a reliable connection is always a plus].

I checked your website/used your product/etc, and really resonate with your vision/message/concept/value etc.

[if you provide supporting services such as guest post, product review, design, or technology side] I heard that you are looking for a guest blog/designer/VA/copy writer/project manager/ [whatever it is appropriate].

[if you provide coaching/conselling/healing service] I appreciate that you are in the progress of building your business/ changing your career / achieving xxxx/ having a challenging time at the moment.

[if you are writing to a journalist/editor] I understand that you are under time pressure to write an article/case study/story/interview about xxxxx.

[A short message as above will show that you have empathy and understanding. You’ve done some research about them before you approach them. And they will appreciate it!

If you don’t know about their situation, I highly recommend you do some homework first. Read their website/blog – what they are up to at the moment? And don’t forget social media/online forums are great tools for initial connections]

Here are the typical areas where I can help:

[Be very specific here, for example, “I help non-fiction writers who have been suffering writing blocks for up to 10 years to get back into writing with ease”, is much better than “I help you for creativity recovery”. 

You also must keep it neat. Tell them exactly what you can resolve in shortest possible sentences. You don’t need to tell them “how” to do it yet. Think about it, they are frustrated about their problems, and they just want it get sorted in the plainless possible way. I recommend each point to be no longer than 3 lines.

You can do some quick exercises to practise writing in different ways, and see which comes across the best. Get into this habit now, trust me, it will help you MASSIVELY with your sales copy in the future].

1. ________________________________________________



4. Any other areas that you would like to discuss? [ You want your initial email pitch to be an open-ended dialogue. This way, you will give them a choice so that they can open more opportunities for you. Remember: your goal is to get the conversation going first, not to seal the deal immediately]

Attached is my porfolio if you wish to have a look. [Make it easy for them to check, send either links or attachments. The easier you make it for them, the easier you make them say YES back to you.]

[Add some quick social credibility here as appropriate]

I will be grateful if you could let me know your thoughts [or any appropriate call to actions here, see #6 in previous post].

Looking forward to the opportunity to create [put a powerful vision here, eg, a life-changing e-book that will help many people to live more joyfully] together with you!

[This will give you a STRONG finish – it will always help if your vision is aligned with your prospective client. But remember: when you get hired, do deliver what you promised!]

Your signature + all contact details [make it easy for them however they want to contact you]


If you have done the above right, you should get a reply. If you don’t hear anything back within 1 or 2 weeks, then politely drop a reminder (make sure you are polite – remember they don’t owe you an answer).

If their answer is “no”, then do listen to their concerns, don’t push too hard, don’t take it personally either; it’s better to build trust and a relationship for the long run. Plus it is still good for your market research.

If you receive no reply from a particular prospect, even after a gentle reminder – well, you can across one “to-do” off your list, and quickly move on to other prospects.

After all the dedication, practise detachment. You’ve come this far, you’ve done your homework – trust that your message will get across, your products/services will be sold to the right people, and more importantly your soul will stretch and evolve through these experiences.

If you know any of your friends can benefit from these two posts, please feel free to share them on. If you have any insights that you’d like to share in the comment area, we’d love to hear from you.

Wanna your question get answered? Simply email me: yiye[at]yourlifeexpression[dot]com.

All my love




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Definitely bookmarking this for future reference! Great advice!


Thanks Cassandra! 🙂
much love

Paula - Buenos Aires

Saving this for future reference. It is a very rich in content article and needs to be read and put to practice bit by bit.


Thanks Paula! glad to know 🙂
love & best wishes


THAT was an excellent piece. I found it very helpful and am definitely saving it for future reference. Thank you!


Thanks Cindy, and thanks so much for sharing too. Good luck with your next pitch 🙂

Karina Ladet

This is great advice, Yiye! I love your blog posts – you are such an inspiration. Love, Karina


Thanks as always Karina 🙂
Love & blessings


Hi Yiye,
Very helpful thank you. I love your post
luv n hugs


Thank you Toni 🙂
love and hugs x


This is a really helpful post Yiye. I am sure I will be referring back to this at some time, hopefully soon. Thank you for your ongoing insights and inspirations. x


Thanks for this Yiye – funnily enough I wrote down today one of the things I need to learn in my business is approaching potential opportunities with more ease – this is a GREAT article, I love it. Like Cindy, Cassandra and Paula, I’ll be bookmarking this one for future reference! x


You are very welcome Donna!! glad to know it’s useful! love x

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