Quiz: How Intuitive Are You?

by yiye

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Before you learned to speak, intuition was your first ever language.

Intuition, yiye zhang, yourlifeexpression.comJust like animals have their instincts hunting for food and avoiding danger, we human beings are born with intuitive abilities which navigate the best choices that we can make in our lives.

Sadly many have gradually ignored, overlooked or even pitied intuition since the age of six or seven – when our ego personality starts to develop and absorbs everything around us.

However, do you feel that we are experiencing a massive consciousness awakening globally? There is no better time to reclaim your intuition than now.

As a divine being, your intuition is more complex and advanced than the basic survival, fear-based animal instinct. Your guided intuition is your divine power working through you, like a direct telephone connection between you and the Universal wisdom.

Many great inventors in history, including Da Vinci and Steve Jobs, claimed that their aha moments came through like ideas just dropping into their head (thanks to those souls who have crossed over – they still work hard dropping inspiration from the soul plane).

Understanding your intuition and listening to it can make your life much more interesting and adventurous, and help you avoid the unnecessary pain on your way living your purpose.


Here is a quiz, for you to see how naturally intuitive you are and how well you utilize your intuition. There are also tips to develop or strengthen your intuition, no matter where you are right now.

You score 3 for always, 2 for sometimes, 1 for occasionally, 0 for no – never.

1. When you visit a place, you can feel something in the air, (“friendly”, “pressured”, “joyful”, “challenging”, “confusing” etc) although you might not be able to put your finger on it straight away.

2. You experience telepathic connections with your loved ones: eg, dreaming about your friends and then receiving an email from them, correctly guessing who is ringing you before picking up your mobile.

3. You experience deja vu.

4. You tend to get overly involved in other people’s problems or challenges.

5. You feel that you are connected with your Higher Self easily.

6. You experience “coincidences” during major changes, eg, job hunting, relationship building, moving to another city/country.

7. You sense immediately if someone is lying to you (even if it is a white lie).

8. You feel hunches during your decision making process. You might not able to explain why at the time, but you are happy to follow the hunch. Only later on, you find out that your hunch has led you to synchronicity (showing up at the right place at the right time).

9. You accidentally predict the ending of a film, even though it might make you feel like a fool before seeing the ending.

10. You are sensitive to temperature or weather changes.

11. You have a photographic memory.

12. You can sense intention behind people’s actions. You have an inner-knowing that we are all confused and lost on some level, and when people hurt you it is because deep down they are scared.

13. During conversations with certain people, you can finish off their sentences, either out loud or in your head.

14. You have out-of-body experiences (eg, through accidents, physical sickness).

15. You can see things that others can’t “see” normally, eg, aura, geometry shapes in the air.

16. You make fairly accurate predictions without deliberate guessing: eg, friends getting married or being promoted.

17. You understand that your physical illness is a manifestation of your spiritual and emotional discomfort.

18. You can tell the differences between clear guided insights and overwhelming emotions.

19. You believe that there is universal energy flowing through everything and that you are a miracle worker.

20. You remember some of your past lives through dream, meditation or encounter with your soul family members.

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If you score less than 10, your intuition is awakening.

Tips to strengthen your intuition:

:: Set an intention to reconnect with your powerful spirit by deep breathing or silent meditation. Remind yourself daily that you are divine and your spirit speaks to you through intuition.

:: Keep a journal about all events that relate to following your intuition, eg, you acted upon your vibes and left for work 15 mins earlier and only found out that a traffic jam was unbearable later on. It’s not always easy to follow your inner-voice, but the hard-core evidence can give you more courage. Use some writing prompts (such as this one) to strengthen your “reflection muscle”.

:: Acknowledge, notice and act upon your vibes as often as possible, even though it might feel bizarre or difficult at times. For example, if you have a funny feeling about a JV-partnership, make sure you check the integrity and all necessary documents about your partner.

:: Feed your spirit daily. Tame the scepticism and enjoy expanding your intuitive awareness.

If you score 11 – 25, your intuition is developing and working for you.

Tips to strengthen your relationship with your intuition:

:: Set an alone time for yourself daily, tune-in to your inner-world. Set an intention to “speak”, “meet” or feel your spiritual guides, angels and Higher Self. Bear in mind that the experience of connecting with your spirit guides often is subtle, eg, you might see images through your mind’s eye, or hear a whisper, or a form of inner-knowing. Don’t expect a golden face to suddenly appear in the air and speak to you out loud.

:: Find and join a like-minded group, witness and nurture each other’s progress.

:: Devote a few hours per month to explore sixth sense development, universal laws and metaphysical studies.

:: If you have pets, try to communicate with them through words, telepathy or gazing.

:: Learn to discern the differences between intuition and emotions. Many people think that emotion is intuition, and they blindly followed their emotion but end up having a horrific experience. You don’t want to follow your emotions all the time. Otherwise you’ll be on a rollercoaster!

:: Emotions are intensive, heavy, clouded, most of the time fear-driven (eg, triggered by past unhealed wounds.  Real intuitive guidance is always clear and delivered with a “neutral” and loving tone. Real guidance will never frighten you nor tell you that you are “special”.

:: When you feel like you are overwhelmed by your own emotions, do some body movements, such as dancing, yoga or walking amongst nature, before tuning into your intuition or making any decisions.

If you score 26 – 40, you have a pretty good relationship with your intuition. You are a natural!

Tips for making intuition work for you in more aspects of life:

:: Ask your Higher Self to inform you about your life purpose: What is your life purpose? What gifts do you have? How can you share your gifts and serve the humanity the best?

:: Try some observational exercises daily: eg, noticing details of the building on your way to work and see if you could pick out something new every day.

:: Openly talk about intuition with people around you, despite the fact that some might not understand. Acknowledge and respect your vibes no matter what.

:: Aim not to make any decisions in a rush, even if they appear to be super-urgent ones. Ask your Higher Self to lead you throughout the day.

:: When you are at this level, my friend, you need to set a firm energetic boundary. In the past I’ve seen too many people, myself included, who are sensitive to their surroundings. Without knowing it, they end up absorbing the energy from others (quite often anxiety and negativity given the pace of our society right now). Protect yourself from negativity: having bath with epsom salts; envision a white light or your Guardian Angel surround you when you are in a crowded place; constantly check-in with your own energy and shake off any stagnant energy you have absorbed by moving your body regularly.

If you score 41-60, this is clearly one of your most innate gifts, sharing and educating intuition development is part of your life purpose.

Tips for taking it to the next level:

:: Be courageous and come out of this closet if you haven’t already.

:: Take self-care and self-love as your top priority, find a reliable healer to balance your chakra regularly (tame the tendency to do everything yourself).

:: Consider blending intuition into your work, especially if you are a coach, therapist, teacher or creative (eg, writer, designer, artist). Invest time to develop your psychic channels: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience.

:: Whenever external tools start overwhelming you or distracting you from truly enjoying your work, use your intuition to find the best answers within (such as solving a chicken-egg situation or find the perfect niche for YOU).

:: Explore using different tools eg, Numerology, Tarot, Oracle cards, Automatic Writing, etc and see which one(s) you are particularly drawn to. No, they are not limited to “witches” only, you can channel some really simple and useful advice from, for example, oracle cards.

:: Do some past lives (yes plural!) readings for yourself and tap into your inner-master. Aim to understand life from a deeper perspective.

:: Practise “observe” not “absorb”, “empathy” not “sympathy”.  Understand the differences between soul and spirit, ultimately you want to do your work from your spirit frequency not your soul frequency.

:: Very very occasionally, your intuition style might change due to, for example, uplevelling. That’s OK, don’t give up. We all go through the dark nights of the soul at times. When it happens, embrace it, and keep your daily life simple and delightful. Trust that it will pass and you’ll come out even brighter.

:: Aim to become a role model – a balanced being, and inspire others to reclaim their intuition and share their gifts.

All my love + good vibes,

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Intuitive Guide + Abundance Mentor.

I help you decode the mysteries of your soul + bring abundance to your daily reality.

This is my journey, and this is how we can co-create for you.


(This post was originally written for T1Q in 2013, I edited it to reflect some recent experiences)


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