Raise your vibration (free guided meditation followed by divine dance music)

by yiye

Would you like to see your dreams soaring in 2014? You can only succeed with great ease and speed without self-doubt holding you back.

Now it is time to reclaim your essence, raise your vibration, and banish your self-doubt.

Give me 15 minutes, and allow me to show you how simple it is. Plus there will be some divine dance music for you towards the end of the meditation. This meditation will be released on 29 Dec 2013.

Have you been trying so hard toΒ “move beyond your fears and doubts”, but things just do not work?

Ever wondered why?

Here is the thing, many of those doubts and fears don’t actually belong to you “organically”.

As an intuitive soul, do you know how much cr@p you’ve absorbed from your surrounding, upbringing, social conditioning and ancestral lineage?

If you are tired of running around in circles, stop beating yourself up – it cannot be your fault if you have not been given the right tools.

I invite you to grab this free meditation, through which I’ll personally guide you to switch your frequency and reconnect with your best and most authentic Self.

Simply ease into it, your Guides, my Guides and our whole community are here holding a sacred and safe space for you.Β 

If you resonate with this free gift, please share this page with your soul families, friends and community – the higher they vibrate, so will you!



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