Reflective Writing Prompts

by yiye

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I devoted so much time to wrap up our house renovation last week, I did not write much. The consequence? I now feel sick.

“It is easier to write than not to.” – Julia Cameron.

I agree that life is better this way.

So, stealing some time between checking out furniture, deep decluttering, saying thank you to (and paying) our wonderfully reliable builders (finally we’ve found you!), decorating, moving about… Oh dear keyboard, I miss you!

After a decade of writer’s block, followed up a few years of being teased, frustrated and overwhelmed by the idea of starting a blog in Chinese, my mother tongue, I finally gave myself permission to do so. It’s both easier and harder than blogging in English, I must say.

For some types of explanation – descriptive or soul-stirring, I struggle in English yet thrive in Chinese; while for other types, vice versa. And whenever I attempt to “translate” some of my articles to the other language, it’s utterly embarrassing to realise that I’m not doing any better than Google!

As you can imagine the cultural differences, the connotations… in the end, I often prefer to start things from scratch in the other language so that I can write in the flow. Oh well, I guess it’s all about becoming a better communicator, (hats off to all translators out there).

For a much better part though, because different languages activate different parts of your brain, you are increasing your chances of being inspired.

And talking about being inspired, there is a built-in function within my Chinese blog, or shall we say “plug-in?” (winks to all the WP readers), to help you sum up your day, reflectively and consciously. What a fantastic way to bring more depth and clarity into daily living!

So, I have adapted them + share here with you, and also invite you to make your own:

+ Today/this week I am most grateful for_______, because___________;

+ Service is an expression of an awakened heart, and to awaken the mysterious aspect in my heart, I’m inspired to serve
________ (who) by _______________(how);
_________ (who) by _____________ (how)

+ Growth is the reason for my incarnation, and every daily growth, no matter how little, adds up in the grand scheme. Compared to last year this time:
I’ve grown in ________________ (where you’ve grown spiritually),
______________ (where you’ve grown mentally),
_____________ (where you’ve grown physically),
______________ (where you’ve grown emotionally).

+ Focus makes my dream come true, my current intention and attention is on: ______________________ (what do you REALLY want to manifest? Just be true here, something specific? or a peace of mind?)

+ Dreams are a portal to tap into my subconscious self, and last night I dreamt about _________________ (what did you dream about?), and to put into context of my reality, it probably means ________________ (play and ask your Spirit to guide you).

+ Right now, my heart feels __________________________ (again, just be true);

+ On a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest), I rate my physical health to be ___, emotional health to be ___, spiritual health to be __, mental health to be __, financial health to be __
(being true never hurts, either celebrate your wellbeing or do something about it)

+ As for keeping it real, things that I wish didn’t happen were ______________. Going forward, I can _________ (make the changes on those elements that you can control), and let go/release the judgement on ______________ (elements that you cannot control).

I hope that you’ll enjoy the reflective process.
All my love,

Intuitiveyiye zhang, financial intuitive, money expert Guide + Abundance Mentor.

I help you decode the mysteries of your soul + bring abundance to your daily reality.

This is my journey, and this is how we can co-create for you.


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