Rise And Shine

by yiye

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About a month ago, I shared the following note with my newsletter readers:

“When you read this letter, I am probably on my way to Southern France.

Ahhhh…France, the country I have successfully avoided for three decades, no matter how romantic Paris is, or how gorgeous the lavender fields are.

I was just afraid to go there.

In my most recent past life (if we put our Soul journey in the linear term), I lost my children in Southern France. I never had the courage to process or even open up to those feelings – the dreadfulness and hopelessness carried inside.

Until this year.

Things really started shifting this summer: the numbness which previously occupied me is being gently dissolved, the sadness that used to consume me is being softened.

My heart bursts open.

The lost creative power is coming back to me:

My body feels strong and grounded. My nervous system is calm – fellow introverts understand how big a deal this is.

Content creation has never been more fun. Blogging and vlogging has never been easier.

Client sessions just flow and flow and flow. Years of dancer’s block is being released, and for the first time in life, just two months after admitting on my webinar that I can’t draw, I started soul sketching…

In short, I am at peace with my divine feminine channel.

I am grateful for the internal adventure I am experiencing now and look forward to receiving more. That’s the power of owning up to yourself and commitment to heal your core wounding.

A few months ago I decided to advance my spiritual skills by studying Five Element Acupuncture – the ancient medical art. Guess where the training is based? The south of France (thanks cosmic).

Today, I am heading to where I lost myself in another lifetime and reuniting with the missing piece of my Soul. I’ll be sharing more on Instagram here. In Spirit, we are not really separate. You are me and I am you.”

Since then, I have received so many heart-felt letters from our community – thank you, thank you and thank you.

So what happened in France then?

Well, it was definitely life changing.


I’m delighted to report that I’ve had my resolution with France after healing a major past life trauma. It did take a lot of courage, but it is paying off so beautifully – I’m beyond grateful.

And thanks SO MUCH for the heart-felt letters, I really felt your support, prayers and sincere wishes during the entire time…

In the past few weeks, I met with my Soul Fam in France. We’ve learnt, lived and grown together. By personality we are so different! Yet by Spirit we are really one.

We celebrated each other’s quirks and differences, and by accepting others with open-hearts, we’ve embraced the Self in a whole new different way.

Although at times it felt challenging as the old stories did surface out of the blue, my skills and capacity to navigate has increased exponentially.

Meltdown was cuddled by fierce self-love, doubt was replaced by confidence, darkness was embraced by the light. Step by step, I collected the missing piece of my Soul.

You were made of the divine sparkles. Ultimately you will return to where you were from. You are infinite, limitless, vast and magical.

There is a place in your heart, wise and peaceful, tender yet powerful. There, you are safe. You are held and heard.

We all have different seasons in life, no matter which season you are in, may you breathe deeply and see the miracle. May you rise and shine.

As for my professional part of the journey, I’m still in awe with the magic of Five Element Acupuncture.

This is one of the very few medical systems that directly addresses all spiritual, emotional, mental and physical levels, that we look into the real cause of one’s imbalance and bring the person back into alignment with who they are, instead of merely treating symptoms.

The learning has been experiential and intense, I didn’t have much spare time at all. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting each day with full dedication and commitment.

It has been both fun and rewarding to learn all the methodologies and practicing diagnoses and treatments.

I now also offer Five Element Acupuncture as part of my 1:1 services.

2016 has been big for many of us. Stay inspired and playful for the rest of it.

All my love,


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