Decode the self-worth & pricing myth

by yiye

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How to Grow Spiritually

I: The Self Worth Myth

It has always been amusing to see how growing my business triggers my old patterns and wounds, which would have not been revealed otherwise. A few months ago, I got incredibly upset and even angry to a certain extent.

Please let me explain what happened (as well as how this case can help you with owning your value and growing your business fabulously).

I was going through an uplevelling – you probably also resonate with the fact that uplevelling is business as usual instead of an one-off blast. An old injury came up during the process. 

When I was about 6, I nearly got raped. At such a young age, I was too confused or frightened to tell anyone. My 6 year old self thought: “If I don’t tell anyone, then this has never happened.” So I buried that experience within me.

But the truth is that my subconscious self recorded everything, every detail, and every scare which could all be triggered by this event, even 24 years later. 

I just didn’t know, until I was called to step up and grow my business.

Rage, resentment, anger…all came out.

I had this excessive energy that needs to be channelled out in a healthy way.

In addition to meditating, journalling and seeing healers, it felt so right to learn boxing. I started and enjoyed so much letting it all out of my system, and allowing the excessive emotions to flow out. 

It was fun. And I was fierce. It even felt like I was on the top of the world at times. Until I started learning how to apply practical fighting techniques …I was then all over the place. 

If I were in a real fight, I’d be easily knocked down and beaten up. There was too much of my own “stuff” distracting me to be clear and alert.

My trainer taught me that all the good fighters are the ones who are calm, clear, alert, precise and free from his/her own emotional drama. I thought about all the films/documentaries that I watched – so true…

The same principle applies for running your business. If you want your products/services to unleash their potential, reach out and serve your ideal clients, you must run your biz from a place of pure light & love AND free from your own emotions.

Quite often, what I see, over and over again, is that every time a divine business owner is trying to introduce something new or raise her price, own her self-worthit triggers the old self-doubt patterns. 

She might launch her services,or announce the new price, then get worried that it will upset people or the campaign might not work at all. She either loses sleep over deciding the pricing, or quickly settles back to the old price/model when being tested by the Universe.

Effectively she lets the old pattern run her business, rather than doing it from a place that is aligned to her soul vision. And this can send off a very mixed and confusing signal to her tribe.

In this 3-D reality, on your entrepreneurial journey, some days you’ll get sick, or your family will need your full attention, or some old wounds/bruises from the past comes up that requires your time & energy to deal with them…Often people tie their self-worth to those past events by default:

– “my parents didn’t love me the way I wanted”, and the subconscious thought becomes a pattern of “I cannot be fully accepted by my tribe just being myself”.

– “he left me because I didn’t have xyz”, and the subconscious thought becomes a pattern of “I have to be perfect, eg, drop 2 sizes, feel affluent, before I am ready to launch this new project”.

No wonder why it is difficult to complete what you started and charge a price you deserve.

But It doesn’t really have to be this way. Even when you feel like being held back strongly by your patterns, you can use energetic and practical support to put aside your patterns, tune in to your own Spirit and be free from your own “stuff” while developing your business.

You probably have read my earlier story of getting my first 300 pounds. There was NO WAY that I wanted to live like that anymore, so I did everything I could (and I am still) to learn how to release the money blocks. 

And one of the best things I’ve learnt is how to stand behind my products/services and style of working no matter what. 

It takes strength, practice, patience, faith, and of course practical guidance to do so.

Dear soul, perhaps you feel delicate at the moment – uplevelling, shedding the old skin, stepping into the unknown.

During the process, it can feel chaotic, confusing and draining. 

But please let me assure you that your self-worth has nothing to do with the background you were born from, your earlier diseases, your redundancies, your breakups, or any of your setbacks.

True, those events might still stir up emotions within you – when you are just about to take a leap, but they are not who you are, nor what you are worth of to your clients.

Your worth originated from the sparkle of Divine Source outflowing.

Who are you NOT to be the chosen one?

As a transformational coach, guide, healer, your potential clients, consciously and unconsciously, want to learn how to expand themselves, and they are carefully watching how you carry yourself. When you make a leap towards your vision and desires, it will also inspire them to leap towards you.

And your job is to tap into your own ESSENCE as often as possible. In the meantime, collaborate with the ESSENCE of your business.

 Divine Business

II: Your Divine Business Garden

If you feel confused with pricing or style of working, quieten your mind and tune in to the energetic field of your divine business: Imagine your business is a fertile garden. 

What types of fruits and/or flowers/trees will it contain, imagine each represents your product or service? 

Describe the essence of each product/service. 

Are they correctly priced? Or are you selling them short currently?

Once you tune in to the ESSENCE of your products and your business, you’ll realise that your products/services themselves are also living and breathing beings – they are here to offer you guidance and support, and because of this, you are NEVER alone while building your sacred business.

Instead of being stressed out about how much you should charge, tune in to the ESSENCE of your products/services – how much do they want to be charged?

When you align your pricing structure to the Essence of your products/services guess what – people will happily pay for you, because it just feels right.

If you want to go deep & heal your self-worth, and equally importantly how to connect with the ESSENCE of your products/services, and raise your price with integrity and grace, check out my signature Money First Aid Kit.

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Love & Abundance,

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