Shatter the myth: living your purpose is closer than you think

by yiye

Do you remember the last time you decided to do something new? What happened there?

Your friends and family looked at you with a grin?

Your inner-critic told you that this is not going to work?

The voice of your primary school teacher also popped up: you are not good at what you are doing at all?

When was the last time someone whole-heartedly said: yes, you go, I really believe in you?

What I am trying to say is that, in our society, the majority of our decisions are driven by fear. As a civilisation, we are masters of limitation. We focus too much on our fears, instead of our divine beauty and light.

It’s so common that we don’t feel we are ready or good enough to follow our dreams or live to our purpose.

If you believe living to your purpose is hard, I really understand where you are coming from. I’ve been there too. It’s not your fault, we are wired this way.

However, please allow me to invite you to watch this 5 mins video, I’ll explain why living your purpose is not as remote as you might think.

Watch it on youtube:

In fact, no matter how much self-doubt you have right now, you can START living your purpose today!

“Live your dreams instead of
merely dreaming about living.”


In the comment area, please let us know what your purpose is? It’s OK to have a “draft” version, you can always build from HERE.

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