Money First Aid Kit

How to Attract WealthDear frustrated spiritual entrepreneur,

You love your vision, your calling, your dreams, yet you know that you deserve more abundance.

Well, something has brought you to this page, so let’s get straight into it: you make Money related decisions EVERY DAY in your business.

Your relationship with Money directly impacts on your financial, emotional and spiritual health.

“How do I price my offer correctly? How can I raise my rate to reflect my value without wanting to throw up or upsetting my clients?”

“What to do when my clients pay me late? How am I going to pay the bills this month?”

“Is project X worth my investment? Will it be a smart risk to take or just another shining object to throw my resources away?”

“I don’t have a good relationship with money or numbers, how can I get off the hamster’s wheel?”

“What should I do if I fail to reach my money goals? I don’t have a problem attracting money, but I don’t seem able to hold on to it.”

“I am on my way to creating a six figure business, but at times I still feel something is missing. What happened here?

I know how you feel.

Questions like these used to keep me up at night too. It was not a fancy place to be…

I still remember the early days when I launched this online biz. Prior to this, I’d built a 6-figure financial consulting business (plus holding a first class Maths & Physics degree). Granted, I thought I didn’t have any “money blocks”. 

Until I had a go at bringing in my first £300 for my online biz. It took me a good 4 months (I kept giving my time & services away for free, thousands of $/£ each month!), countless sleepless & twisting nights, and a super-bad-@ss burnout! 

My personal life got restricted too. One day I was travelling (off-peak of course) to get a gift for my friend’s newborn baby. It was a special gift, and I had to fill in information such as my monthly income on the application form. I couldn’t tell you how much shame, confusion, and resentment that brought to me.

I felt that I was such a useless member for our household. I even questioned myself if I was on the right path at all…

From then on, I realised that there was so much room to improve with my relationship with Money, Abundance and Prosperity.

yiye zhang, prosperity, money angel, financial abundance, watch this and money will flow to youThe good news is that it can be turned around quickly. As I committed to grow an intimate, healthy and loving relationship with money, my online business took off, I went on and made 5-figure months (and even weeks) in reality.

Meanwhile, during 1:1 work with my clients, I noticed that I wasn’t the only one who had this challenge.

Money frustration is a topic that keeps coming up, across countries, ages, backgrounds and different stages of business. 

While helping my clients manifest money to fund their divine expression, I’ve identified where intuitives and creatives are mostly blocked, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and at the cellular level, in terms of accessing and utilizing the abundance energy. 

With their open minds and hearts (thank you!), I’ve come up with a holistic approach to help them claim their place in the Universe and create wealth in ways that honour their most innate gifts and nature…

It is a rare fusion of psychological, energetic and systematic blend. I honestly haven’t seen anything like this in the market, made especially for introverted and sensitive entrepreneurs…


MJ-200x300"I felt much more comfortable around money. I manifested 3 new clients x $1,500 each. These are all my ideal clients! It's amazing for me to actually be able to say this, but yes it's true -  I opened my bills and actually felt 'casual' about it!

I enjoyed Yiye's kind and gentle manner and obviously she is a very open channel to the highest good of her clientsI would recommend Yiye to anyone who needs help to increase their client base, feel more comfortable around money, and manifest money.

She is gifted. She is caring. She wants the best for you."

Mary Jane Allen | Financial Healer, Canada


charlotte, yiye zhang, london intuitive business mentor, spirit & soul purpose guide,, lightworker, ask your guides"I won a dinner, bed and breakfast at one of the highest rated hotels in the lakes. Just what we need right now, a lovely treat!"

Charlotte Davies | Marketer, UK


"I needed to manifest $3,250 in 10 days. I followed the exercises and by day 7, $3,500 found me! It's so magical! But when she (Yiye) explains it for you, it's so simple!"

Emily Huang | Artist, Hong Kong


pippabest"Yiye connected me to one of the big emotional blocks I have around money - giving a
completely different feeling about the money
I had seen so differently just moments before."

Pippa Best | Story Of Mum | UK


amberlee-profile"The course and subliminal audio are so powerful. I can really feel my attitude
towards money beginning to shift
. I've been lucky with a few money things so far, and I just got a new client! Thank you so much!"

Amberlee | BodyTalk Practitioner, USA


It helped me to reconnect with my guides and manifest this project I was holding in myself for such a long time.

melanie-manukyaI feel called to really express my spiritual part in my work and my guides are helping me declutter lots of my old limiting beliefs at the moment! Part of my limiting beliefs are linked to a lack of abundance and money, so that’s probably why my teacher guides sent me to your Money First Aid Kit ;)I’m really enjoying it so far and I’ve had beautiful breakthrough and aha moments. The work I did with your Money First Aid Kit and Express the Master Within really helped me to reconnect with my guides and manifest this project I was holding in myself for such a long time.

I also followed the pieces of advice you gave me on Monday, during your live call, about opening myself to abundance and I’ve received beautiful surprises from the Universe since then. So thank you again, Yiye, for your beautiful energy you are sharing.

Mélanie Sylla | Mindful Holistic Health Guide | Canada



"Working with Yiye around my issues around Money, she showed me with insight and gentleness that places in me that need attention and how to build a new and better relationship with those places."

David Barker | Intuitive Guide | UK


Christian"Working with Yiye should be mandatory training for heart-centered entrepreneurs. Her advice was so simple but the impact in my business has been profound.

Clearing my money blocks was instrumental in helping me make space to receive several new clients, I attracted two new paying clients who both chose my highest offering! "

Christian Marie Herron | Strategic storyteller, USA


Now you can get access to my Money First Aid Kit, with a small one-time investment, for life-changing transformation.

  • Heal your financial woes, with down-to-earth tools to solve your both immediate and longer term Money dilemmas.
  • Release your most deep-rooted Money blocks at your cellular level and create healthier pathways – your courage is way more powerful than your old patterns.
  • Stop holding back your most authentic desires and manifest Money on demand to support your divine purpose (life is much more fun in this place!).
  • Build confidence and momentum for you to devote to your dreams, spiritual quests and creative pursuits, as you work on your “Money stuff”, you’ll notice that the world is opening up to you even more.
  • Step into your genius zone, own your worth, attract your ideal clients and let go of the non-ideal ones.
  • Develop a loving, nourishing and sustainable relationship with Money, stop being scared of numbers, bills or paying suppliers.
  • Learn how to tap into your inner-wisdom, make decisions with a clear mind and discernment, enjoy peace of mind when you deal with challenging situations in life and business, especially how to elegantly say NO to requests that don’t make your heart sing (trust me, it is good for your Soul…)


Total value >£350

Your investment = only £50 today

law of attraction money, Intuition

This Money First Aid Kit is made for you – highly sensitive lightworker entrepreneur, by me, a fellow highly sensitive lightworker entrepreneur (INFJ).

I know that you are very intuitive, creative and empathetic to energy, I respect this nature in you and appreciate you just the way you are.


Blond Girl Opening a Treasure Box

Therefore I’ve designed this Kit in a way which is easy to follow, wildly playful to implement, and extremely effective when you put your heart and effort into it.

Plus you can do it at your own pace, without overwhelm or aggressive competition, only inspiration and guidance for you to follow your own truth.


Fancy a sneak peak first? Grab your cuppa, let’s go:

How to Attract Wealth

{#1.  Audio Class: Activate Your Money Magnet}

[value £50]

To start with, I’ll show you a unique 4-step approach to activate your Money magnet, connect you with the true Essence of Money and release the 10 most common (yet hidden) Money blocks especially for creative entrepreneurs.


{#2.  Audio Class: Your Money Dilemmas Resolved}

[value £100]

In this Q&A class, I’ll answer each of your burning money questions (for more details, see FAQ section below), I’ll guide you with a mini-meditation or visualised tune-in, followed by practical steps. You’ll be able to learn how to trust your own discernment. I have your best interests at heart and will empower you to make decisions that feel organic to YOU.

{#3.  Audio Class: Raise Your Fee With Ease}

[value £100]

In this interactive class (ie, with real examples from past clients), I will guide you to dive into a deep, beautiful and life-altering journey to cut the cord, shift the old patterns & heal the childhood Money memories. Listen to this audio, so that you can use an organic process to release the fears that don’t even belong to you, and raise your price with integrity and grace. The participant in this class raised her price immediately after the call – I want you to benefit from this process too!

{#4.  Money Love Playbook}

[value £8]

In this playbook, I’ll show you how to craft your own Money Landscape for your divine business, navigate your desires and boundaries, own your worth and transform your Money relationship to support your deepest desires. Plus you will get many practical done-for-you templates for your regular use: generate money with speed, monthly all-in-one tracking sheet, money daily sit-up exercises, so that you can manifest money quickly.


{#5.  Creating Prosperity Subliminal Audio}

[value £10]

Like it or not, 95% of your daily decisions are made by your subconscious mind. Why make your life harder than necessary? With consistent effort & new habits, eg, listening to this (cool and cutting-edge) subliminal audio daily, you can sleep your way to develop a prosperous mindset & habit – to make releasing your subconscious blocks as joyful as possible!


{#6. Bonus Live Class: Call In Money Miracles}

[value £100]

In this call, I’ll show you how to manifest Money on demand to support your desires: such as investing in your business and life purpose education, your dream holiday and get-aways, and upgrade the quality of your life in general…[]



Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony” – Gandhi


Do you know this? Approximately 46% of start-ups fail due to a poor Money relationship – it breaks my heart to see that bright shining Souls stop sharing their gifts with the world because of Money.

It really doesn’t have to be that way, you can absolutely build a solid foundation for your biz and run it from a place of joy, love and sanity.  Results can be miraculous when you put effort and devotion into your sacred Money Relationship.

Say “yes” to charging your worth, letting go of your old beliefs and patterns, transforming the reality of your bank account, and creating long-lasting prosperity.  

Both you and your business are worth it.

law of attraction money, Intuition


Q: What makes this Money Course different from other Money related products, and most importantly effective?

1. It is hands-on. Instead of throwing you a bunch of theories which overwhelm you, I will answer the REAL LIFE money questions. You’ll also get practical exercises and tools to help you manifest money as you need. I teach you how to fish. Through working on your “Money stuff”, you’ll be able to see your emotions and stories more clearly, and I’ll show you how to use this journey as your healer to transform your past wounds.


I've read through several programmes that aim to increase abundance, but many of Yiye's exercises were completely new to me.

tanja-gardner-4977-web"Yiye's Money First Aid Kit is a beautiful blend of practical, psychological and spiritual exercises designed to help you heal your relationship with money and attract more of it into your life. I've read through several programmes that aim to increase abundance, but many of Yiye's exercises were completely new to me."

Tanja Gardner


2. I’m an energy healer and financial intuitive. I have a first class degree in Maths & Physics, and I was a chartered accountant for 8 years. I don’t feel that it is “weird” to use a {soul + whole brain} approach. I don’t experience separation between practical steps & logic thinking and intuitive insights. I am passionate to share this wholeness with you too.


Yours is practical and spirit driven.

lidys"I have seen many "money manifesting" and money blocking courses/products with no real content, only the "think about it and it will come" type of rhetoric. Yours is practical and spirit driven."

Lidys Gracia

Lidys Gracia


3. During my 1:1 work with clients, I’ve helped them manifest $100, $1k, $5k, $100k, or even up to $200k+ within weeks and months. Deep gratitude to them, during the process, I’ve identified where intuitives and creatives are mostly blocked (at the atomic level) in terms of accessing and trusting the abundance energy. Through the Money First Aid Kit, I can help you release your most immediate money blocks at your cellular level.



"Simply, my life, my business, my family life and my bank balance have completely transformed!

Your words touched me in a deep way, but until recently I never understood how deep. Surrendering my need to know how things should happen and replace that conditioning with faith and trust has been monumental for me!

Thank you Yiye for helping me discover faith and trust in me, in what I am doing and in my purpose. I am longer afraid, I now believe and trust in me and that I am divinely guided and taken care of. From myself, my clients, their families and generations of family to come (this is how much I believe in my work) – thank you! You are an angel with a great mission – one woman at a time!"

Paula Majstorovic | Founder of Lighthouse Project, Australia



Q. Can you tell me what type of questions will be answered in your [#2] Audio Class: Your Money Dilemmas Resolved?

A: Of Course, here they are the exact questions, and don’t forget you can ask me yours during the live call! 

  • “I am having a hard time to get constant cash flows that I need to grow my business. How can I change it?”
  • “How do I recognise money is just an energy instead of a measure of my worth, and how I can connect with this energy  practically?”
  • “I’m working on my money goal, but I want to buy a really expensive handbag, how to make the right call?”
  • “What if I do all that I’m told, but still fail to make money?”
  • How can I transition from free work to charging?”
  • “I don’t have problem investing in myself, but my partner doesn’t see the point. How can I change him?”
  • “I am interested in a program, but I don’t have the money right now. What should I do?”
  • “I want invest in this project but it seems too risky. How I can stop feeling hesitated?”
  • “I want to have an infinite supply of money. What should be my first step? And how can I achieve financial freedom?”
  • “I’ve been doing Money work for a while, I start attracting more Money but also losing Money too, how can I shift this pattern?” 
  • “Why I keep attracting non-ideal clients? How can I attract better clients who respect my work?”
  • “I’ve been doing Money work for a while, I start attracting more Money but also losing Money too, how can I shift this pattern?” 
  • “One part of me wants to do this work but my younger self is holding me back strongly, how can I heal myself and get all aspects of me on board?”
  • “How do I price my offer correctly? How can I raise my rate to reflect my value without wanting to throw up or upsetting my clients?”
  • “What should I do if I fail to reach my money goals? I don’t have a problem attracting money, but I don’t seem able to hold on to it.”
  • “What to do when my clients pay me late? How am I going to pay the bills this month?”
  • “Is project X worth my investment? Will it be a smart risk to take or just another shining object to throw my resources away?”
  • “I am on my way to creating a six figure business, but at times I still feel something is missing. What happened here?
  • “I don’t have a good relationship with money or numbers, how can I get off the hamster’s wheel?”


Q. How much is the Money First Aid Kit?

A: It is ONLY GBP 50, although the total value significantly exceeds this investment – I want to make it accessible for you. If you want to know the price in other currencies, please feel free to check it out here. Less than a night out really.

It is your life-time investment to rekindle your most prosperous Self. Below are kind (and totally unsolicited) words from customers and students from around the globe.

“I believe this (a guest post being featured in a big blog site) came as a result of the subliminal audio you sent that I’ve been listening to twice a day, so thank you!” – A. Pierce, USA

“I have done a lot of guided meditations along my path, but with the Subliminal audio, I feel your meditations are truly powerful.” – Christine H, Colombia

” I have taken another look at my business, and I am going big, speaking & holding workshops for companies. And your Money First Aid Kit is wonderful to support this. Thank you so much!” – Gita GM, Denmark

“Thank you for the training materials, they have really made a difference. My alchemy box is working its magic already!” – Al D, UK

“Your call yesterday made so much sense. I raised my rate immediately!” – Anja K, Germany

“I’m very much enjoying my Money First Aid Kit! It is so reassuring, and it is fun too! Especially useful for me has been the transform Money Hate to Love. When I finished the project, I realized that my ideal world statements are powerful affirmations. I re-read them often & I intend to record them so I can listen to them!” – Linda C, USA

“I’ve made more money since I did the self-worth piece of work. I thought your course was about money, but actually it’s all about ME (and making more money of course!” – Dee E, Malaysia

“I scrolled the material and it seems very “calling” to me – G. P, Spain


Q: How will the payment be processed?

A: The payment platform I’m using is E-junkie and PayPal – 100% secure.

paypal button

Q: Do I need a PayPal account to make the payment?

A: Although having an PayPal account will make the process easier for YOU, you do NOT need a PayPal account. You can use your preferred credit card to process the payment. Or if you are not able to make payment by “powered by paypal”, write to me, I’ll send you an e-invoice supported by Stripe and all major credit cards.

Q: How long do I need to wait after the payment is made?

A: Once your payment is received, you’ll receive 2 emails (ie, instant access).

One will be from PayPal (receipt + confirmation).

One will be from me (Yiye Zhang), which contains the access links (or confirmation link depending on your email setting) to the course materials for you to download.

Please double check your junk folder.

If you don’t receive them within 48 hours, or if you prefer to receive the teaching materials in a different email address other than your PayPal one, please write to me.

Q: What is the refund policy?

Due to the digital nature, all sales are final, no refunds will be issued.


Cultivating your self-worth is a non-negotiable…

self-worth, intuition, law of attraction

Your Money habit directly impacts your well-being and degree of your freedom. I want to empower you: Money is a skill that can be learned and reshaped, no matter how much self-doubt you are experiencing right now.

People often say that I have a fascinating background, from the East to the West, from Chartered Accountant to soulful Psychic, from Physics & Maths graduate to creative writer, from leading FTSE100 projects to guiding rising, spiritual, online entrepreneurs.

But the truth is that I don’t experience much separation between the right-brain/left-brain, intuition/logic, deep healing/strategic planning. I am a firm believer that, in order to make your message clear and be heard in this crowded online world, you MUST blend both sides.

I was NOT born loaded.  In fact, when I first came to the UK at the age of 17 on my own, I had less than 1,000 pounds left after paying for my University tuition and laptop.

I had to find a job quickly and my wage was 4.20 per hour. It took me 20+ part-time jobs in total to support myself throughout Uni. Gradually I learnt how to navigate my way in a foreign land, live my worth, charge my worth, and making a fab living while making a real impact.

If you are looking to make more Money in a playful, fun yet no nonsense way, my style can assist you during your spiritual evolution. I’m passionate to help you bring more wholeness in your business and Money making experiences.

law of attraction money, Intuition



yiye zhangA little bit about me:

A healer, communicator & financial psychic by heart.

Made in China and "shipped" to the UK at 17 on my own speaking very little English.

Obtained a First Class dual degree in Maths & Physics at 20.

Qualified as a Chartered Accountant at 23. (I've handled, balanced and planed multi-billion funds since then. In the meantime, I was also an ad-hoc career coach helping "disadvantaged" students land their dream jobs).

Built my first 6-figure financial consulting business by 28.

Soon after that, I followed my deepest calling and left the corporate world, in order to devote my time and energy to the group I'm committed to serve: LIGHTWORKERS. I did this switch within a month! Despite being new to the online world, I got my first 5 figure month in record time, deep gratitude to my teachers and mentors.

I'm not saying this to brag, my point is simple: I don't B.S. you. We can stretch both the practical and the woo sides as far as you want.

But honey, I don't want the "facts/figures" to scare you away either. The truth is that whatever fears you are experiencing now - I've had that too. Really. I do understand. I really do. 

Just tell me where you stuck - I'll be right here handing over the right transformational currency from my "cosmic bank"!