Slowing Down…

by yiye

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I have been so productive lately. I’ve finally acted on the inspiration and started writing my books – yes, plural! I’m working on my Chinese articles alongside this blog. I even find time (daily) to pray for my community and enjoy sharing the prayers across different social media channels.

Our house renovation of 2.5 years has finally been completed! Now I have a routine that works for me.

In short, I am immersed with pure joy.

However, there is always a however, I suddenly miss slowing down. I miss that type of writing brings you closer and closer towards your centre, without the “done-and-dusted” urge, without the “this-can-change-lives” pressure. That type of writing which, you know, you don’t even need to finish…

Leading a full-time creative life for the past 3 years, I’ve eventually learnt not to fight with this discomfort:

Moving away from my desk, pulling out a piece of A3 paper, blank, white space, putting it on the floor…then words, thoughts and streams of consciousness flow out, slowly and steadily via my hands.

And that is my centre.

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