So You Want to Harness Your Expertise

by yiye

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Then you need discipline.

It means being ruthless with your time, how you want to use your energy and whom you want to hang out with.

It means committing to the present moment only. And recommit to it every day.

Discipline is an attitude, a state of being, a way of living. It is owning your heart’s calling, surrendering yourself to the highest vibration and not giving away your power for anything less than that.

I don’t mean over-pushing yourself more than necessary. Too much of extreme can also be harmful.

But do take responsibility for your work, overcome all the resistance and finish whatever you started.

Launch. Go. Put it out there.

Discipline is free, but it is not free from pain.

Last minute freaking out? Crawling into your bed, deleting the scheduled post…

The solution? Have the discipline and own it all the way.

Having a discipline is not for everyone. But if you have a higher calling, you want to serve, heal, encourage and inspire, until it hurts…You’ll need discipline to accomplish your projects.

Your gifts are always your divine sparkles, you can let them stay on the astral plane forever, or you can allow discipline to be the midwife to bring them to the physical world.

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