Soul vs. Spirit (how to tell the difference + return to wholeness)

by yiye

We talk about “spirit” and “soul” a lot. Quite often, it seems like either term can be used for everything that is not your physical body, emotions or intellect.

Even in the Chinese language, we have a phrase called “LingHun”. “Ling” means spirit, “Hun” means soul.

These two terms are often referred to together and used interchangeably.

It feels like one is the the replacement for the other…

But, are they really the same?

The short answer is “No”, although they can both be referred to as our non-physical existence.

As a start, your soul and your spirit have very different energetic frequencies.

Your spirit is the part which connects you directly to the Source. Some religions or cultures might call it “Higher Self”. This part of you is already perfect and cannot be improved upon (the concept of “development”, “fixed”, “getting better” is just irrelevant).

This part of you feels whole, complete and well connected with the Universe and everyone else’s spirit.

When your are in spirit, you’ll feel light, understood, forgiving, alert and fearless. Your spirit also makes those who are around you feel the same way.

Your spirit is consistent, simple and timeless because it never leaves the Source.

We when say: “Find the God within”, “Express the Master Within”, it is this frequency that we are talking about.

In each lifetime, when you decide to reincarnate, there is a fragment separated from your spirit (Higher Self) hence the source, and embodied into your human form.

This fragment becomes your soul each time.

Your soul experiences a varsity of human journey: joyful, pleasant, loved; dark, painful, betrayed…

Therefore, your soul is often confused and sometimes has a particular urgency without any obvious reasons.

It’s not hard to understand that when your soul leaves the Source, it always yearns to go back to the Source: the perfect, healed, complete and whole state of being.

Your soul always seeks connection and understanding. Even if this desire gets suppressed at a certain stage, it will always re-emerge at some point.

That’s why everyone is talking about “soulmates”.

As for “spiritmates”? There is no need for such thing!

Perhaps intuitively we all know that when we are in spirit, we are all complete and really just one.

When your presence is dominated by your soul frequency, you might have a mixed and complicated feeling: joyful and dark, positive and negative, beautiful and traumatic etc.

Our soul memories are highly influential towards our emotions.

At times, if not careful, those darker and bitter soul memories can be reinforced through our ego personality: namely being competitive, guarded, fearful…

In addition, after lifetimes and lifetimes, we gradually form some stubborn “soul patterns”, eg,

– working too hard

– seeking approval

– poor relationship with money.

You might say that these patterns are the result of your upbringing and cultural influences, but really they have been seeded before you were born. Your childhood wounds are often the same as your past life wounds.

Why am I sharing such information?

Whether you are seeking to build more confidence, create profound healing, attract people who love and adore you, or break off the old patterns, you do it the best when you are in spirit (ie “at home”). 

I want to invite you back home again.

yiye zhang, intuitive coach, turn your purpose into prosperity, from lightworker to heart-based entrepren

This home you might have forgotten through all the dramas, ups and downs in life.

In this home, you are love and wisdom, you are joy and light.

In this home, there sits the best version of you, who oversees your human journey, working closely with your spirit guides and the best version of others and creates synchronicity in your daily living. It pours endless love to the wounded and lost part of you. Do you feel it now?

In this home, you bypass all the dramas and see the bigger picture: the souls who volunteered to have a karmic connection with you have an agreement with you. For each area where your soul needs to grow and evolve the most, you assigned a karma with each of them. So that when the time is right, they appear in your life, pushing your boundaries, making your suffer, breaking your heart, or even using and abusing you…but they do what they do so that you can finally wake up, complete your lessons and ascend to the next level of consciousness….

In this home, there are no stories. Just the truth: you are a divine sparkle, a flame of the grand design, a precious child of the Universe.

Anything more complicated than that doesn’t really belong to this “home frequency”.

How to stay connected with this home frequency?


Enough sleep.

Eat well.


Talk to your spirit guides.

Laugh out loud right from your 3rd chakra.

And Dance…when your body moves differently, you consciousness also changes.

Are you in spirit? If not, ask yourself when you lost your dance and dance like there is no yesterday or tomorrow.

To your spirit,

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