Life In Words: Claiming My Space

by yiye

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Yes, this is a brand new column!

The reason being? I put a lot devotion and dedication to my work in the past three years, sometimes a little too much, I forgot to flirt with my own life.

My intention? Note my life down, on digital paper.

It doesn’t have to be chock-full of wisdom like other categories on this blog, nor will I ever put pressure on myself: “This MUST be life-changing for somebody from a different corner of the Earth…” It just needs some accuracy.

Accuracy gives us perspective. Accuracy liberates. Accuracy heals.

This is a space where I feel free to be lively, to think “casually”, to record things that lighten me up.

It’s a space where I can lean back on the process of being alive, give myself permission to explore, to be curious, to fall in love with life and be loved back by life.

Previously, I didn’t have an amazing track-record on claiming such space for myself, because

: claiming your space demands, a lot, from your entire being. It can be extremely tiring for the ego. In my case, it requires me to stand tall with all of my past, present and future, with my different cultural and professional backgrounds and themes, with full acceptance. Otherwise I’d suffer from self-abandonment – for most of us this is a familiar pattern.

: claiming your space insists you must get over yourself. Claiming your space is effectively to claim your power – there is no room for feeling sorry for yourself anymore. “I am too young to claim my space.” “I am too old to claim my space.” “I am too good to claim my space among them”. “I am not educated enough to claim my space.” Suddenly, all this negative talk sounds so ridiculous. We call up on our own bullsh*t – these statements are simply not true, then you have no choice but to do what you are here to do this life time…Gee, this sounds cool but it feels darn scary when you actually do it!

: claiming your space can be lonely at times. OK, now you’ve got what you want. But what are you going to do with all the time and space and freedom in hand? Then you slip back to your old patterns in the blink of an eye.

But, earlier this year, I made a decision to change. I wanted my space. I wanted it bad enough to do whatever it takes. 

So far, I’m happy to report that it is progressing well.

For example,

: I claimed my right to sleep well – no more burning the midnight oil. This in turn has made me a much jollier entrepreneur.

play, women entrepreneur, be happy, positive

: I claimed my space in my daily life. I don’t feel that “mundane” is holding me back anymore. I consistently make an effort to be present with my daily activities such as food shopping and washing – you know, those activities that I was could not be bothered to pay attention to, but they’ve brought me much more beauty and child-like joy.

Goddess, law of attraction

: I claimed my space to welcome the arrival of autumn, my birth season.

fall, autumn, leaf, abundance

I took a long digital sabbatical (6 weeks!). It was really hard at the beginning – guilt, fear of missing out, making peace with OCD…just to name a few. But my soul knew, a 6-week break was exactly what I needed. I heard the voice – step away and live more, feeling the pulse of London, its streets, its iconic river, and all those little hidden gems.




As I walked away from all the daily “shoulds” and noises of the online business world, I started reconnecting with my path, passion and purpose. I got more confident without any external validation – it was slow progress but definitely worth it.
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: And when I came back from my sabbatical, I claimed my desire to bring more light. I redesigned my homepage and shop – I wanted to make this space even brighter for you, dear honoured guests.

The Universe is big enough for all of us to have our own place.

So what are you claiming today?

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Yiye Zhang | Intuitive & Abundance Guide,

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