{spill the beans} 7 truths on living your dream

by yiye

Last year this time, there were no newsletters, blog posts, ebooks or any intuitive coaching services. The domain of yourlifeexpression.com didn’t even exist.

I wanted to come out of the psychic and spiritual closet, but when reality hit I was paralysed.

I was working in a cubicle – the nature of the job was OK. As a contractor, fortunately I was out of all the office politics trouble and had a really good time with my colleagues.

However, I felt like I was being strangled…

There was so much inside that needed to be said, done, heard, witnessed and expressed. But I didn’t know how to give myself permission.

What’s worse, I felt so ungrateful because on the surface everything was nearly perfect.

“What’s wrong with me”! I kept asking myself.

The suppression built up regardless of whether I decided to change the direction of my life or not. To a point, I really wanted to make a website and share my love of energy transfer through body movement such as martial arts or fusion dance.

That was a turning point. I either had to do it, or climb up to the top of a high mountain and scream. I am based in England, so it was easier for me to start a website + express.

In the end, my message is not so much about body movement, but more around spiritual + financial prosperity especially for beloved lightworkers.

And in just under one year, the following have been created:

  • 50+ blog posts
  • an e-book
  • a compilation book (to be published in paper later this year)
  • a signature service
  • a few features in magazines and online media
  • and more importantly, a community of beautiful souls from all corners of the world…

In this special Anniversary blog post, I’ll share with you the truths and myths of launching your dream.

I want to share with you as much as my heart felt and knew, so that you can save some bumps and confusion.

If you love your spiritual guides, paradox and truth bombs, you’ll enjoy this one!


1. Truth about your learning curve {hint: not what you thought}


Needless to say there is a lot for you to learn.

A year ago, I thought if I had all the information about growing an online business, I’d be able to do it in no time.

Then I went on and learnt all the theories: how to market, how to make a product that sells itself, how to select your target market….

Did I do them all in no time?

Of course not!

After I learnt all the business theory, that’s where the real learning curve began!

It’s more about boundaries, choice, being comfortable with your dream, following your dream regardless, a balance between not forgetting who you were before and being OK with the new you.

Whatever that is, it points you towards putting your heart first – that’s a foreign feeling for many of us.

To share an example of mine, when I started my biz, most of my friends had no idea what I was on about…

Initially, I sent out a group email to all my contacts sharing the excitement of my purpose + life’s work.

Many people said: “I can’t see why people need it, and why are you wasting your time?”

One accused me of becoming so ego-centric after seeing my fb fan page.

About 10 people graciously showed encouragement and signed up to my newsletter immediately (you know who you are! And I’m forever grateful for your support!).

One person even kept making fun of me every time I posted a new blog on social media.

The rest probably didn’t have time to read and filed my email straight into the junk folder.

So my challenge was, for those who were negative about my work, how should I go about it?

Cutting them off? That thought made me feel like a b*tch.

Keeping them in my life as it was before? I didn’t feel like it…My heart said NO.

Starting out your business requires a tremendous amount of energy, and I wanted to stay focused.

Being constantly judged by people who I trusted and cared made my ego furious, at one point I event thought: “One day I am going to prove you wrong!”

And that’s when I realised that I was out of balance…I was using my energy to prove myself to others + fight, instead of staying in the flow and simply creating.

So I had to let some people go.

from: 5-Ways-To-Transform-Your-Life-From-Ordinary-To-Extraordinary-300x201

I stopped being available for those who didn’t make my heart sing.

I was in a limbo state. Looking back, this state was necessary for my growth, but it was a big lesson for me to grasp at the time.

One year later, my online business is booming, and those who laughed at my “silly idea” started to ask me questions:”How did you do that? I want my own business too, can you teach me?”

It is NOW easy for me to say:”Here is the plan for you, you do 1, 2, 3…Pay special attention on X, avoid Y – as it won’t be effective use of your time…”

But BACK THEN, it was hard: you didn’t have much support from many of your existing friends; but your new tribe hasn’t quite formed yet.

And to be fair for them, they found it hard too. I used to be one who is always available for them, for their parties/celebrations, or if they were having a hard time, I’d be there + listen…

But suddenly, I wasn’t like that anymore.

I stopped meeting those who were constantly trying to “test” my psychic abilities;

For those who always moaned but never listened to guidance, I recommended some therapists  to them and stopped responding to their messages

Looking from their point of view, if they felt WTF, that’s 100% understandable too!

I still love them – I don’t think they deliberately make my life difficult. And for those who warned me “It won’t work”, they were probably just trying to look out for me.

But… I love my vision and dream more.

It’s my responsibility to make my energy high, fresh and clear, especially when I am giving sessions for my beloved clients.

It’s my responsibility to stay creative and inspired.

It’s my responsibility to put my heart first + establish a healthy boundary.

It’s my responsibility to live in this manner, no matter what.

I was scared to step into this power.

It took me about 6 months to be OK with this version of me. 

The good news is that: as long as you carry yourself the way you are meant to, over  time, people will either have to support your decision or they’ll leave.

Maybe you find letting the old self go a lot easier than I do. However, there will be some type of inner work you’ll feel harder than learning the bog-standard business skills.

It could be working around your anxiety, overcoming the fear of uncertainty, getting unstuck from a creativity block…

These lessons will take up so much of your energy, but are worth learning – some probably are your most important karmic lessons anyway.

There are no easy ways out other than walking them through.

Understand that it might take a little while (and that’s OK – the beauty of growth).

Consciously surround yourself by supportive people who see the real you.

And be mindful about your energy level.

This leads to truth#2.


2. You will have a major bad ass burnout at some point.


All people who are passionate about what they do, burn out at some point.

You’ll experience a certain period that “you love your work so much so that you’ll kill yourself living your purpose.”

It happens.

And it’s OK to let it happen once, because you’ll need a first-hand experience to become more mindful about your schedule, the physical limit of what you can give, and your creativity/intuitive cycle.

You see, when I was an accountant, my job was 9-5 or 9-midnight occasionally.

I thought it’s normal to work 8 hours per day, with shorts break here or there.

I had no idea how different it is for intuitives and creatives!

If you are sensitive towards energy,

  • you probably need 9-10 hours sleep rather than 8.
  • when you start out, energetically you are not able to do appointments back-to-back.
  • you need more than a once-a-month unwinding event, for example a spa day or major pamper, to keep balanced…

I didn’t have a clue until I had a burnout.

That was last Sep time, I just finished my ebook, then launched a 1:1 service. I knew that I should stop, but somehow the mentality wouldn’t let me.

One afternoon I had a few appointments back-to-back, then afterwards I went back to my PC to try and finish the weekly newsletter.

I was extremely exhausted – like huge electrical current passing through a tiny 40W little bulb.

My rational self wanted me to finish off the newsletter, however my body froze so that I couldn’t even type a word in the newsletter.

Then the next second, I found myself closing down my newsletter window, and browsing on lastminute.com for a spa break.

Looking back, that was my healer guide. This is a group of guides I didn’t have a chance to talk about in the spirit guides article due to space. Now it’s a perfect time to talk about them.

lightworker to heart-based entrepreneur, turn your purpose into prosperity, modern psychic, yiye zhang

Many healer guides in the subtle realms have been doctors, caretakers and healers in human form in the past.

Healer guides have a beautiful and calm frequency. And when you are in despair, they go out of their way to help you see the hope.

I got really sick many years ago, as some of you have already read the story. When the western doctor said they couldn’t give me any medicine to get me better, I felt hopeless.

In the meantime, I was connected with a group of beautiful healer guides. They are not in physical form, but in the past, they have been doctors.

Not only they brought the vibration of hope into my life, they also helped me to make the right connection so that I could learn meridian system to cure myself:

  • I bumped into a Chinese doctor (in human form) on the underground, and he taught me how to observe my tongue + decide how to change my diet accordingly to speed up the recovery. I felt uncomfortable sticking my tongue out in front of other passengers, but I learnt a lot during that trip.
  • “Out of the blue”, I came across a comprehensive book and blog explaining meridian system and pressure points in the most fun way. I didn’t have to go through all the heavy and dry text books in order to learn how to apply those pressure points.
  • And of course, when I applied what I learnt, I could feel the presence of the healer guides, assuring me and comforting me, letting go of the idea “I am not a doctor, how can I help myself.”

{disclaimer – I am NOT a doctor}

You have healer guides all the time, if you expand your awareness, you can sense how they help you to improve your lifestyle and health.

In addition, when you start to do something new and challenging, you’ll attract additional ones.

Unlike other groups of guides and angels who are very subtle when dropping inspiration and hints, healer guides can be really firm and “loud” when you are seriously out of balance.

For example, since I started doing this work professionally, I have a new healer guide: a Thai healer guide – she refers herself as N.

N guided me to have Thai massage regularly – currently Thai massage helps me to restore my energy exceptionally effectively.

Sometimes N shows her presence during my treatment session too.

There was once I had a relatively new masseuse. She was new and apologised to me in advance before our session.

I thought “Oh no, I’m doomed.”

Then immediately I heard N whispering: “No worries, I’m here. Just relax and leave it to me.”

Firstly I thought I was so tired and making it all up, but surprisingly 1 hour went by very quickly and I did enjoy the treatment.

The masseuse asked me how she was. And I gave her my honest opinion: “This was one of the best I’ve ever had!”

She couldn’t believe it.

Obviously, it was my Healer Guide helping out, perhaps working together with the masseuse’s Teacher Guide.

How wonderful it was that those guides worked together to provide the best experience for me as a customer, and “hands-on” learning for the new masseuse + confidence boosting!

Healer guides can borrow others to assist you, like for me during my treatment.

Or if you look for remedies for a particular syndrome, you might hear it out of the blue from your family members, a conversation between strangers in the street, or random ads on TV.

You don’t need a burn out in order to connect with your healer guides. Just invite your healers to watch your health regularly, and they can do a fabulous job for you.

If your business is going slow at the moment, please do not despair – it might just be that you are so close to a burnout and being protected by your Higher Self and Guides.

Make sure you allocate plenty of time to restore your energy, not just one day, one week, but as part of your regularly routine.

Building a sacred business is satisfying and rewarding, we do have a limitless Self to keep us creative, inspired and productive  But we also have a physical body, ie, we have limitations, respect this limitation.

Talking about limitless Self, let’s look at #3.


3. Truth about being a service


Although I had an idea about who I am and what I can offer. I had no confidence to start.

However, I knew that my mission is a lot bigger than me.

Our own Pri said this in one comment: ” The feeling is so strong that it makes me cry.”

Same here. Same here.

There is something much bigger than I-the-ego, I want to connect that part of me (namely “Higher Self” or “Spirit”, directly from the source), being a service helps this connection.

There is a courageous, creative, limitless Self in everyone. No exception.

If you have ADD, are a scanner or multipassionate person – the fact that you are pretty much into everything and anything, you might feel frustrated by picking up just one thing to get started.

If you don’t know where to start, just ask your spirit: within the next 6 months, how can I best serve, and to whom?

You don’t have to stick with it forever. It won’t be the same for 10 years anyway. Just for now, how can you serve others the best?

And you can “birth” a business from there.

Your Higher Self and Guides are willing to guide you as much as you are willing to be guided.

When you are ready – they’ll all appear.

The initiation could be as simple as desiring to be a service.

If you make decision from this place, you will be FINE. In fact you will be MORE THAN FINE.

Your tribes and customers will come to you naturally.

I haven’t met anyone who works from this place that is not making any progress.

When you see the world through people’s eyes and feel their heart, how can they reject you?

If you want to manifest your dream with ease and grace, your ego won’t help you. Being a service does. Either serve others, or serve yourself (your own authentic expressions).

There are some people just love spending their time to pick on you and attack you.

Knowing that you are a service helps bypass these noises and keeps you going.

Once there was someone sent me an unsolicited message: “The reason you write your blog + set your business is only to seek attention, and you call this spiritual? Just look at yourself! If you could reflect on this and not take it as offence, you will be a better “healer” “

Ouch + WOW! My ego, of course cramped when I read it. I took a few good breaths to reflect first – is that really true?

Really? Writing a blog to seek attention?

Am I?

I laughed out loud – I don’t think there is a need for me to justify my motivation.

Although not everyone will resonate with my message, my personal truth is obvious and impeccable.

Knowing that you are a service can kick off your business quickly, inspire more products and offerings, and keep you going when there are bumps.

Be mindful + work out on your “service muscle”.

lightworker to heart-based entrepreneur

Being a service can be really simple.

In essence, what you do as a spirit guide, healer, coach or teacher, is the same as when you wash your dishes and clean your underwear.

My dear friend, please don’t think you are too small to teach, to coach, to inspire, to encourage, to help….

Nor too big to quietly serve your own household and family.


4. Truth about starting from zero


You might be starting from scratch, but you’ll never start from zero.

A year ago, I didn’t think I was good enough to be a coach. I thought I was a complete newbie.

I overlooked the fact that in the past 8 years, I have helped hundreds of people get interviews and jobs. Some of the work was actually paid.

I was an interview/career coach for a career service, I did some ad-hoc work for them – I wrote this experience off completely!

You might think you have no idea how to offer a service, in fact you could have been offering something else for years.

Some skills are incredibly similar and transferable.

You might think you are not good enough to be a writer, but you don’t realise that your emails/messages always make your friends smile or cry….

You already have everything within you to start living your purpose.

How can you spot what skills you have missed out?

Going through a mental movie of your life to date.

From your childhood, teenage years, all the way up to now.

Write down 3 -5 significant events OUTSIDE your school and day job.

Given the current circumstances, your natural talents often lie outside of your normality.

And ask your guides to inspire you, you’ll find some amazing clues.


5. Truth about investment


Now you realise that you are not starting from zero and your desire to be service is so strong, you’ll have to learn some “outer tools” in order to transform your dreams into reality.

I join group programmes and hire a 1:1 mentor regularly, the subjects vary from online marketing, spirituality, psychic art, creativity, copy writing….You name it.

That’s a lot of money.

But it is worth it as it makes the journey much more fun.

You are the most important asset in your life and your heart-based business.

Some friends from our community mentioned that: “I’m happy to invest in myself, but it’s so tricky to get the investment back soon, and sometimes this creates anxiety.”

Totally understandable!

So here I want to share a few tips to help you recoup your investment faster.

1. When you are on budget, always invest in product/service that give you immediate results first, eg, if you don’t know what you want to offer yet, don’t invest in marketing at this point. Nothing is more frustrating than if you spent $5k into some campaign but you haven’t got anything to convert people into. Work on YOU first: who are you? what are your gifts? what can you offer?

2. You don’t have to implement everything! Sometimes, people wait until they absorb everything from a course, then apply. Implement as you go. Eg, you don’t know how to craft a big offer yet, that’s OK. Create a mini version, test it, and start selling it.

3. Maybe you are a natural student, ie, you’ll have a tendency to keep learning as you find comfort in learning. All natural students are closet teachers 🙂 Continually learning new things is partly your nature, and partly driven by your fear. You might be fearful to teach what you have learnt. Be mindful of this pattern, if you have bought many courses but still haven’t crafted any offers based on what you learnt, work on your fears. Be brutally honest with yourself, what holds you back from selling your product/service?

For me, subconsciously I thought it was wrong to get paid by doing something I really enjoy. I also felt like a fraud as I find coaching and connecting with guides is very natural.

I learnt many business skills, but until I worked through my fears as above, I couldn’t take any actions + get my investment back.

If you want wisdom – learn everything.


6. Myth about growing your business

If you want to know how to grow your business in a non-draining way, you’ll need enlightenment.

If you want enlightenment – unlearn everything you just learnt in #5.

But you can’t get #6 right without going through #5.

Don’t you just LOVE cosmic humor?!

An OK teacher or mentor will say: ‘This is THE WAY. Follow this model and you’ll succeed.”

A better teacher will say: “this is A way. This is a model that has been working for me. Take what works for you and make it YOUR WAY.”

If you joined any coaching certification training, you’ll know that there is a coach’s model to get clients. You offer a 30 mins sample session and clients probably sign up for a longer-term package.

There is an artist’s model. Just create your heart out, and people will buy from you.

There is a teacher’s model. Create info products, online learning courses, grow your mailing list and you’ll get passive income.

There is an intuitive’s model. Do one session at a time and get the client unstuck from a really sticky situation.

If you know psychology behind one/two models well enough, you probably agree that they all kind of contradict each other….

You might go mad if you strictly follow each model.

Instead, once you learnt a lot already, it’s time to ignore all the models, and re-focus on YOU.

You’ll have to step into your true power, surrender and allow YOUR model emerge itself.

It takes courage and patience.

This leads to the next point: alignment.


7. Truth about alignment

You see, you didn’t need to know a blue-print beforehand. Just one step ahead, sometimes you will have to turn, pause, or change direction, but one thing triggers another, gradually you will have a sweet taste of alignment.

Alignment is beautiful.

photocredit: easyliving.co.uk

photocredit: easyliving.co.uk

It’s simple, rewarding, but there will be inner hurdles to go through.

Creating this business is the most spiritual thing I’ve done so far.

But the number of times I cried is probably more than the past 10 years added together. When I announced this confession, I was hiding in the office toilet shaking.

Alignment, however, does create more abundance.

“Abundance = the freedom to do what you want to do when you want to do it” – Bashar.

My health has improved significantly in the past year, I now work no more than 30 hours a week.

I have plenty of time to learn more dance, watch my favourite martial arts TV series, meditate, meditate and mediate…and I write a lot. I need these activities to be an energized light worker.

I don’t feel guilty anymore when I shower radical self love into my life.

I have became a morning person, and as a result my productivity increased tenfold.

When I’m tired, I’d go to the garden talk to flowers, watch clouds while drinking Pu Er tea.

A very simple but enriched and delightful living, although it’s only a beginning of a new beginning.

No urgency, no anxiety, not even ambition.

Alignment is your birth right.

Spreading your light and sharing your gifts is one of your primary purposes.

Own it, dear lightworkers.

Your alignment will be very different from mine. But trust that soon or later, you’ll be living yours.

I don’t want you to believe anything. I want you to activate your inner-truth, your inner-knowing.

It’s OK to have a simple and fabulous life.

It’s OK to step into your power and offer your gifts to the world.

It’s OK to get paid by doing what you love.

Let this consciousness sink in…


Express the Master Within, Yiye ZhangMaybe you have witnessed my journey right from the start, or we just recently connected.

Maybe you have sent me many heart-felt emails and comments, or you are shy and prefer not to say much at all.

Whichever way, I thank you for being in my life.

I see you, I witness you. I am humbled and graced by your presence.

All my love,



signature, yiye zhang





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Beautiful! Heartfelt gratitude! X.


Thank you Marg, I love your website’s name: A Child At Heart!
with great appreciation x

Sheridan Kennedy

Hi Yiye
so encouraging to read this post! I am right at the point of trying to get in alignment – and to step up and work in a whole new way. Its so good to hear how you worked through all the blips and glitches – and the criticism.
thank you for being such a light in the world. x


Thank you dear Sheridan! Sending you lots of good vibes and enjoy being aligned, stepping into your true power. Thanks for your light too, you ROCK!


Just had a quick read..will read again soon as I have my morning coffee.. 🙂 ..I can see such simple truths as I am on similar road less travelled …time to work on me :)… Thank you


Enjoy your coffee and wonderful journey Vernon, and SHINE! 🙂

David M

Deep stuff Zhangy. Thanks. Living the dream!


Thank you bff!


Hi Yiye! Great post….yet again! Thanks for the mention of my name in the post!:) I never really thought someone will be able to make sense of my comment that the feeling is so strong that it makes me cry…but you did, thank you for that! I now know I am not mad:).
When I read your posts, especially your life before you started your online business…I feel like I am reading my life. I get goosebumps! Your words give me strength. I know that I am here in his world to serve people….with guidance from spirits like you, I am sure I will find a way to channel my inner purpose….

All my love,


Dear Pri, so happy to see that you find more and more strength!! Keep it up and enjoy riding this energy, it wont fail you!


Congratulations for your successful year in business 🙂
I enjoyed this post a lot, thanks for sharing your insights!

The sentence “All natural students are closet teachers” really struck me – I do feel I have a knack for teaching, but I haven’t found THE thing to teach yet. My interests are spread across different fields so I’m sort of a Jack-of-all-trades master-of-none (just take a look at my website graphic – lol), and I really want to make something truly original and divinely inspired. Still looking!


Hi Nela, relax and trust more and let it come to you 🙂


Thanks so much for this post Yiye. I am always excited when I see these in my inbox and I can’t wait to read them. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary and wishing you all the best for the next year.


Thank you as always Clare! 🙂

Judy Tweal

Yiye, thank you for writing and sharing this. I absolutely love it, especially this part :

“In essence, what you do as a spirit guide, healer, coach or teacher, is the same as when you wash your dishes and clean your underwear.

My dear friend, please don’t think you are too small to teach, to coach, to inspire, to encourage, to help….

Nor too big to quietly serve your own household and family.”

What a great way to say that – it makes so much sense. Thanks again for putting this out there.


Hi Judy, thank you! It makes my day to see it resonates 🙂

Allison Carr

Wow! There is so much here, this could have been 6 blog posts! Thank you! You speak with a simple elegance that really works for me. Thanks for addressing some of the same fears I’ve been having as I try to grow my online business. It is so encouraging to hear about someone else’s journey!


Thank you Allison for connecting! Your site is beautiful btw!


This is beautiful! I SO needed to read each one of those points. Thank You!


I’m sure you can and will Raine,
love and lots of good vibes 🙂


Thank you Yiye, I love all of your posts, but this one really hit home for me. You are a very generous person, and I really thank you for your gifts and kindness 🙂


Thank you Claire for your kind words and presence too!
all my love


I love reading your posts! I’ve just recently been introduced to your blog and it’s twice now you’re words have made it okay to be where I’m at, and inspired another step in my journey….Thank you! xo


Hi Juliana, thank you for dropping by, appreciated and yes being OK with where you are is a wonderful start to move forward!!
all my love

Jane Frankland

Yiye, this is a fabulous post with so much information.Your kind spirit shines through your writing. I’m so happy to read about your progress too. Wishing you even more success.


thank you so much Jane – I appreciate your kind words!

Peggy Lusk

Great article, Yiye…

I really identified with much of your journey. Very inspirational.

Peggy Lusk
Financial Coach – The Geek with a CPA


Thank you Peggy, honored that you dropped by!

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