Spirituality + Business = 5 Lessons I Learnt From This Equation

by yiye

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This was me, about three years ago. I was talking about my budding business and my dreams and yearnings in a video filming session. A few days ago prior to this, I got a nasty (and unsolicited) comment from someone. It wasn’t just anyone, but a person I respected and considered as a friend. I was younger and more fragile and I nearly cancelled this opportunity to share my vision with the world.

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I won’t bore you with the details, but in a nutshell, that person believed that all proclaimed spiritual people should only work for free, and God forbid if you have a website and post your thoughts on social media. He (voluntarily) showered me in the rain of his own judgement.

I took me a good few days to reflect, to discern what was my voice and what are theirs.

{ #1. You are not for everyone.}

That was my very first lesson: the worst attacks can come from those “spiritual people” around you. But it can be a good thing when this happens:

Δ  You’ll get deeper insight on what kind of life you feel drawn to the most and go create it.

Δ  You will learn to value yourself more. You can only be who you are. Don’t be stressed out by peer pressure. What’s true for them isn’t necessarily true for you.

Δ  You’ll get to define “friendship” on your own terms. To be honest, I had been kinda “slutty” on this before. “You are spiritual, oh I am spiritual too. You must be a friend!” As much as everyone has her/his own sacredness, true friendship is a bliss and it takes a lot of time to nourish. It taught me that my heart is only in for quality, and nothing less.

Δ  You’ll know that, from first hand experience, haters are just haters. It’s all part of the “shining your light” bigger picture. There are much more important things in life for you to do than to dwell on them.

Δ  Ultimately, you are not for everybody, the sooner you realise this, the sooner you’ll release harsh judgement towards yourself + help those who can genuinely benefit from working with you.

It’s up to you to live your spirituality on you own terms. It’s your job to create a supportive environment to share your gifts in a way that feels good to you.

{ #2. Money and abundance is on your side, but only if you allow.}

The old motto was: “I love my work sooooo much, I’ll do it for free.”

Don’t get me wrong, it has its own merits, but limitations too. As an entrepreneur, you must be able to pay the bills and make your business financially healthy. It’s hard to serve the world when you are broke.

I believe this is a better one, “I love my work so much, I’ll get paid properly so that I can do this happily and sustainably.”

Money and abundance is on your side, but only if you allow.

When I began coaching, I had local coaches here suggesting I should charge a tiny amount for a hour or so to start with. Every single cell in my body felt wrong. Later on, I understood why. Everything is energy in and energy out. When I do 1:1 work, I craft and deliver a very big container for intense work – just my nature – charging a tiny amount was a mis-match to the work I give out.

I’m glad that I listened to my body. As soon as I honoured my work and my gifts, I attracted ideal clients who enjoy working with me and absolutely make most of our interaction together, in many cases even before the session started…

A lot of time, when we think that we have money problems, it’s actually has nothing to do with money, but our self-worth, our deep wounds, our understanding towards the spiritual realms and how laws work on the physical world through the higher dimensions…

Use money as a way to heal yourself over and over again – you deserve being seen and held. Money (or your money woes will help you see the truth underneath. Money is sacred. Charging your worth is good for your soul. Otherwise, you are doing a disservice for both you and your clients.

Are you getting by? Working so hard to make ends meet?

Do you keep giving but your clients still don’t seem to appreciate you enough or they feel entitled to so many unreasonable requests?

Let money be your guide and shift this whole dynamic.

{ #3. You cannot bypass the emotional stuff.}

heal your emotional self

Butterflies before the launch.

Nerves before the interview.

Money blocks – keep giving but feel guilty to receive.

Visibility issues, dealing with haters like the above.

Dynamic of long family lineage of old old and old programming which doesn’t serve your happiness.

All your childhood stuff.

…this emotional “stuff” is real work too. Don’t be so harsh on yourself when you face them.

They’ll get amplified during your entrepreneurial journey, as opposed to be totally eliminated. But your entrepreneurial journey is just a mirror, not the cause. This is your opportunity to find out the cause then shine brighter.

Be your best cheerleader. Take yourself on an abundance date (or many) and keep doing your work.

Still in doubt? Just smile, you’ll get through them. I promise. Just don’t give up before you get there.

While you are going through the emotional hurdle, it can feel like this:

Pushing through is very exhausting, but you don’t need to do it that way. Because:

{ #4. Divine feminine energy will gift you grace.}

If you use your masculine side to fix your emotions, things, such as the relationship with your clients and community, no matter how hard you try, sometimes, just won’t happen for you, or it seems like it is getting worse.

Here is the solution: instead of pushing through, you birth it through.

It doesn’t mean that you will sit there all day doing nothing, but:

Δ  Trust the process, there is a universal force growing in your business, it is called expansion.

Δ  Honour your natural cycle and rhythms. There is time for masculine structure and “getting yourself out there” – the being the sunshine for everyone; equally important is your “moon time”, your own feminine flow, your own needs, your emotional abundance and wellness.

Δ  If the “birthing” causes a lot of pain, if you are overwhelmed by all the “contractions” that life throws at you, remember to breathe. Deep, and a lot. You’ll get through.

Δ  Consistently up your capacity to receive. Especially if you feel guilty or wrong or ashamed to receive, it’s time to change. When one cannot receive love (whatever that form is), s/he is not that kind, towards the Self nor the giver.

The divine feminine grace gives us the intelligence to shift our perception and trust All-That-Is, can you feel it? Embrace this energy into everything you do in your business, your business will LOVE you for that!

{ #5. Uplevel your consciousness and your business will (naturally) flow.}

Going back to what I said at the beginning of this post, it was Marie Forleo’s team I met three years ago. I met the beautiful Louise and the filming crew. To this day, I am still grateful for their openness. When I was being seen and appreciated as who I am, harsh judgement melt away, followed by much needed self-acceptance.

Looking back:

♥  I can’t believe how many things have changed: my list size (as I mentioned in the video, I started with a dozen!), almost my entire website, my offering, from a cubicle to a freedom-based business, increased ease and confidence, a full practice and creative life!

♥  I can’t believe how many things have not changed: the joy of crafting a hand-made business based on who you are, yearning to express the Self and desiring to help others who have the same ache…

You want to create out of your heart. You want to make an impact in the world. You want clarity, grace and capacity to provide for your family.

I see who you are. I am another you.

Focus on your BIG WHY, as your experience grow, it will elevate your consciousness. 

As your consciousness grows, you will inevitably make a bigger impact.

There is no need to chase shiny objects, no need to overly compare yourself to others. Don’t let FOMO make decisions for you. As they say: “When the students are ready, the teacher will appear”. You’ll be guided to the right tools at the right time.



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