Manifesting Your Desires? Stop Judging Yourself

by yiye


Are you trying to manifest your desires at the moment? During your spiritual development, the secret of success is based on the stories you tell yourself.

Sadly, so many people inherit this “poor me mentality”, which only downgrade your spiritual enlightenment. Tweet this

For example, here are some excuses which used to stop me before.

“Oh I’m so new”

“I’m so young, I have a baby face”

“I don’t have a large network.”

“I have been ill for 7 years so that I cannot put enough energy into my work.”

“English is not my first language, people will laugh at me.”

Or in some people’s cases, they are single mothers, they don’t have a good camera or they are not good with technology or they don’t have any qualifications, etc. etc. etc. On the surface, these statements sound very valid.

However, if you look deeper, you are feeling sorry for yourself. Whenever you feel sorry for yourself my dear, you actually lower your vibration as divine being.

When your vibrations low, you know what’s going to happen right?

This means it will be really difficult for you to create with this strong intention. This means your life, your career, your business; your relationship will just repeat the pattern that has been imposed upon you. It really breaks my heart to watch this happen.

So today I invite you to ask yourself, “Where do you still feel sorry for yourself?” Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you cannot be compassionate towards yourself. You absolutely should.

I’ll tell you the truth about feeling sorry for yourself. Whenever you feel sorry for yourself, chances are you are still judging yourself, creating a spirit center and a heart based business is actually a perfect opportunity for you to release the self-judgement.

You can do that through journaling or find a healer that you really resonate with and do whatever it takes to release the judgment with you. Just because you are doing something new, it doesn’t mean you are unable to help or serve people in your really profound and sacred way.

So just accept where you are now and take full responsibility of your own growth and really expand yourself, expand your comfort zone and do whatever it takes to take your creative business to the next level. With that attitude, you will be surprised to see how quickly everything can take off for you.

My invitation for you today: build yourself up as your business unfolds, start injecting more and more positive thoughts, which can only allow your divine business to flourish. You can read more here: manifesting tip #4.

love & abundance,

signature, yiye zhang

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