5 Steps to Get Unstuck

by yiye

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There are many different reasons to build an online business. For some, it is to leverage their time so that they can be available for their kids and family. For others, especially the introverts, it might be a better alternative to network and connect with like-minded people.

Either way, each time you step out of your comfort zone, essentially you are putting your heart at risk, on the internet.

Fears will pop up, of course, some are linked to your upbringing, your cultural influence in your social circle, while others can be traced way back in your past lives…Those fears can be really potent, and, in a way, cancel out your initial good and clear intention to be a great service for your community.

Right now, you wonder why you haven’t got a certain number of clients or as many followers as you’d planned.

This syndrome, my friend, is called being stuck in neutral. That’s not a fancy place to be when your soul is very much called to do something, but nothing or very little is happening.

In order to get unstuck, firstly, I invite you to take the following steps.

Step 1: stop beating yourself up

Whenever you are being hard on yourself, you focus on things that are not going well, you will start to “shrink” even further, therefore attract more and more undesirable results. First things first, acknowledge that it is a common process that all of us has to go through at some point. You are not on your own.

Step 2: diagnose yourself

What exactly are you afraid of?

I invite you to go really deep with your fears and shadows. I can guarantee that a lot of fears are your Money related blocks. Nowadays, everyone wants to “make Money doing what you love.” This sounds great on the surface, but subconsciously do you really know what exactly you love?

Do you think that you are “living on your own terms” but still trapped by someone else’s box?

When you offer your great gifts and talents, do you truly that believe you are worthy and really allow yourself to receive all the good things in life?

If your subconscious self is against you, inevitably you’ll experience all the frustration.

So, write down all your self-doubt in your journal, acknowledge it out loud. Unleash the drama on paper, so that it won’t show up in your life.

Step 3: practise being decisive.

Let’s say, you are about to launch a new programme, but you are worried about the sales letter sequence, the delivery method, your blog post titles…

You get so caught up by the little details, then you keep delaying your actions. Practise making decisions today, starting with small ones, whatever decision you make, just stick with it.

If you spend 2 hours on sales and 1 hour on marketing everyday in the next 90 days, then watch how your business is going to grow.

“Want results in your biz? You don’t have to be perfect, you just need to be decisive + become a Money magnet.” @yiyezhang (tweet this tip)

Step 4. “To hell with circumstances, I create opportunities” – Bruce Lee

Once you’ve done steps 1,2,3 consistently for a few days, actively seek opportunities to train yourself to live like a co-creator, not a victim.

Without any conscious effort, it is so easy to feel like a victim of your circumstances. I invite you to make a deliberate intention each day.

Sure, sometimes we encounter bad clients, we get criticism and our products/services are being rejected…

But in the grand scheme, none of these matter as much as the fact, you are learning how to be an effective co-creator through your divinely creative business.

This requires strength, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Personally, I find martial art training is exceptionally helpful. As someone who is aiming to recover from past trauma, quite often I feel very vulnerable in my body. But attending training consistently reminds me that I do have access to my power whenever I CHOOSE to. Every time when you feel like dying, you can choose to stretch yourself further therefore get much stronger.

This mindset has helped me tremendously whenever I had a bad hair day. It reminded me to keep it going and overcome whichever mental barrier I thought I had but merely and illusion.

When you are in the flow of Abundance, there is very little that stagnates.

This requires you to give praise, compliments and love generously; as well as receiving them without hesitation.

You might have no problems with giving but feel “useless” when it comes to receiving.

How to change this?

Well, you need to start acting differently.

Start with asking for help and support.

– ask for the Universe to deliver at least 3 surprises to you every day, then open your heart to look for the surprises

– ask for good vibes, love and support. eg, ask me right here.

– ask for testimonials from your clients, ask if your business partners are happy to promote your stuff, ask if you are entitled to any kind of bonuses.

You cannot sit in your room behind your computer, just wishing that all will become better. You must act differently.

Initially some parts of you will resist, you might even feel sick when you ask for support. The key is to take a leap of faith and trust that you really do deserve all the great things around you, and actively look for evidence.

Remember, the very first step of manifesting miracles is to change your perception to expand your awareness.

Love & Abundance,

yiye zhang, financial intuitive, money expertDear divinely creative entrepreneurs, these are the 5 simple steps for you to follow. Having some accountability will help you stay focused and move closer towards your dreams.

If you want accountability, leave a comment below and let us know:

– where do you feel stuck at the moment?

– which actions you are going to implement in order to change your reality.

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Such a wonderful article, yet again. I have become much better at receiving and I’m fortunately not blocked when it comes to creating and putting myself out there. But I do tend to get overly dependent on praise and acknowledgment, and I often need to remind myself that it’s not others who need to approve of me, but only myself – and that then, the right kind of “others” (friends, clients, …) will follow automatically 🙂



Thanks so much Sibylle, it is so true that once we love our vumerable part enough, it often takes off a huge pressure off from both ourselves and others who are around us. Somehow you can be even more loved by others as a result…

Much love to you sister!


Renee B

I came across your blog while looking for some solutions to my abundance block issues. I must say, you have a wonderful blog and all of the content that I have read so far is very helpful. Thank you for sharing this information with us.

For some reason, after I quit my job almost 4 years ago, I managed to block all of the financial abundance that could flow to me in different ways. It is really disheartening to put my time and dedication into what I do, and to not see a return. I hear messages all the time “you have to live from the heart, you have to be genuine, you have to be doing the right thing” – I sit here with a blank stare and tears streaming down my face because I am doing nothing but what I feel in my heart and I have not been able to produce any results at all. It’s so discouraging… I am at a lost for words because I feel I am doing what I am called to do, but the results are saying something different. The only thing I can try to do is to keep seeking answers until I find some kind of solution to this. It’s hurting my heart so bad not to be able to provide for myself and my family.


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