Synchronicity, Miracles and Cosmic Romance

by yiye

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If there is one concept which has been well agreed among the Eastern philosophers and the Western psychologists, the Ancient secrets and the New Age spirituality, it is Synchronicity.

Synchroncity = an apparently meaningful coincidence in time of two or more similar or identical events that are causally unrelated, coined by Carl Jung.

Here is a perfect illustration:

“The French writer Émile Deschamps claims in his memoirs that, in 1805, he was treated to some plum pudding by a stranger named Monsieur de Fontgibu.

Ten years later, the writer encountered plum pudding on the menu in a Paris restaurant and wanted to order some, but the waiter told him that the last dish had already been served to another customer, who turned out to be de Fontgibu.

Many years later, in 1832, Deschamps was at a dinner and once again ordered plum pudding. He recalled the earlier incident and told his friends that only de Fontgibu was missing to make the setting complete – and in the same instant, the now senile de Fontgibu entered the room” – Wikipedia

intuitive guide, lightworker, spiritualityStories like this always give me goosebumps – we don’t live in a chaotic world – there is a deeper order beneath all “coincidences” and “randomness”.

Synchronicity is the natural product in the quantum, multi-dimensional world. It can take moments or years for us to reach the conclusion: “Oh, now I see why!”

I was researching how the streams of the unconsciousness can influence one’s life, and couldn’t help but started taking stocks of my own inventory of life events.

A few weeks ago, all of my clocks (ie, watches, PC screen and phones) have flashed me at 11:26 – sharp – every day.

Well, Nov 26th is my friend Yu’s birthday so I knew that it was her soul trying to connect and say hello.

“OK, Sister, you got my attention.” I told myself and sent prayers to her essence immediately, but I didn’t get around to actually call/write to her.

“I’ll call her another time once I am less busy. Look at the time! I’m late for grocery shopping, and there is tons of work to do. Life can get in the way.” That was the excuse I made for myself not taking the initiative.

Except…life did NOT get in the way.

I went on with shopping. In the supermarket, one of the first things I saw was a brand new snack packaged with a name “YU!”.

The message was way too loud and clear to be ignored. Well, you guessed, I texted her that day.

It turned out that she was going through an awakening (accompanied by a complicated life situation – as those two are often go hand-in-hand) and was looking for insights and messages.

We exchanged a few long, nourishing and soul-soothing emails with each other for the next few days.

She needed my help.

And I needed her presence just as much.

I was in a deep reflective, post re-awakening stage. My past revisited me, yearning to be more witnessed, more healed and more released into the world with peace.

And no one could provide a better mirror for me to contemplate than Yu ever since a summer night in 2002.

That night we bumped into each other in West Street in Sheffield. Previously we knew each other through common friends, now we were both looking for housemates and something inside us made us say: “Let’s share a house” simultaneously!

And our actions followed our words. We lived together for the next two years.

Yu was a wonderful housemate and friend, we worked in many restaurants together to earn our living funds. Life wasn’t easy but with such a companion it was meaningful and memorable.

After graduation I moved to London to work with PwC. Despite the long-distance friendship, we helped each other go through our own relationship breakups with our university sweethearts.

And seven years after that she became my bridesmaid. (More on this later)

Talking about PwC, I kinda knew I’d work with them before I even started the long-winded there-is-no-way-you-can-get-a-graduate-job-now-but-I-am-going-for-it-anyway style job hunting preparation.

Everyone else seemed to started preparing themselves pretty much in their second year in Uni, while I left it until my final semester. Logically speaking, the chance of me working for PwC (or any other UK company) was thinner than slim due to my lack of understanding of the industry (or possibly the entire UK culture), not to mention the tiny teeny work permit quota for foreign students.

But this inner-feeling of “that’s the first company I’ll work for” was so strong, though I didn’t even know where it was coming from, I had to honour it. Even when many offices did not have any quota left.

I kept learning about the industry and the firm, kept polishing my interview skills and kept searching for opportunities. Until I finally landed one graduate training contract with PwC in August 2004, the last minute for their intake.

The induction week was hectic, overwhelming and a little scary.

We were asked to choose our sub-service-line, which would soon to be our speciality. It was hard to know what the best is for you before you even got your hands dirty in the real work. I put “Pensions” in my desired sub-service line.

“Don’t go there. It’s not hot. You should join us in M&A / Capital Markets…” A few colleagues warned me.

“Nah…Pensions feels right. I’ve decided.” I thanked them politely.

Meanwhile, I dived into flat hunting. It was the type of excitement that everyone has gone through a transformation can understand: “I’ve got my first-ever “proper job”! And I can live by myself! This is how a grown-up feels like!”

I didn’t know much about London but I was particularly drawn to an area: Finchley. No particular reason that I could explain, at least not at that point of my life.

Not having any close friends in this mega capital, I put all my enthusiasm into my work – I was so grateful; I knew that without my work, I would not have this new sense of maturity.

There were an awful lot to learn as a new comer. Soon I realised that my colleagues were right, Pensions wasn’t the hottest line.

But I was right too. Please bear with me…

Each year there was a new intake joining our team, and by 2006 I was already a client-site in-charge. A few particularly friendly and capable freshers joined my team then.

There was one guy, Andrew, who was always booked on my job. Andrew, a little bit older than me, had volunteered in Sri Lanka and traveled around Asia Pacific prior to this job.

And nope, it wasn’t love-at-first-sight or anything like that.

We just bantered a lot and enjoyed each other’s friendship so much. And whenever we worked together, our chemistry somehow could turn any super dull situation into a comic one in just the blink of an eye.

It made the long dark winter, tedious travelling, stressful deadlines, and difficult client conversations meddled with endless exams… all…bearable.

Then one Spring day Andrew asked me out. I said yes.

We went on our first date, still couldn’t stop making each other laugh, then we wanted to keep dating…

Three years later he proposed on the Millennium Bridge. He tried to be more serious and romantic this time, but again…somehow the event turned itself back into a comedy.

I always believe that besides the two people in the relationship, the relationship itself is also a wholly being. Guess the being of our relationship is just humorous.

Our day-to-day lives now are still amusing, and synchronicity regularly revisit us:

such as being blessed by a group of Polynesians and US naturalists on one of our anniversaries in Hawaii;

or being blessed by a few Jamaicans in Athens on another;

or last week bumping into each other in John Lewis in Oxford Street about to buy the same present for each other as a surprise but no surprise…

By the way, Andrew’s surname is Finch. I left Finchley after we got married, and we bought our house in a quiet suburban street named Bloom Lane in West London. Yu still lives in the North. But, guess what’s the street next to hers called? Bloom Lane

I always wondered, I chose Finchley and PwC Pensions, was it because I already connected with Andrew’s essence unconsciously? And Yu, she is still pretty much next door, in a multi-dimensional way.

Miracles are often delivered by synchronicity, multi-dimensionally.

Autumn 2010.

My dance teacher was about to leave London for Hong Kong. I happened to work under a narcissistic style boss, still, I managed to skip one day from the cubicle and threw my teacher a farewell party. We talked about soul, spirit, aliens and the Universe.

“I had no idea you are so into this as well,” my dance teacher sounded surprised, “I wish we talked about it earlier and more often, anyhow, here is a book I want to gift you, I hope that you’ll enjoy it.”

Overwhelmed by the sadness for my dear teacher/friend’s leave, I didn’t pay much attention to the book immediately.

Fastforward to now, I’ve left the corporate and have begun my own business. And I notice this phenomenon with an increasing rate lately: before working with each of my clients, I know which qualities in them about to be unleashed, even before I connect with the person.

I wonder if it is because I firstly have connected with the qualities, then those qualities bring the clients to me naturally without me interfering much.

I enjoy working this way – full of surprises but not really surprising at all when you look into it. Just do what you love and only do what you love, the world is responding accordingly.

Many people nowadays focus on so much on the techniques of sales conversations, copywriting skills, colour codes/themes…sure, you need to learn them, but after a certain stage, here or there, those tools don’t make a fundamental difference.

It’s more about embracing your soul’s lessons and re-aligning to your soul’s true path.

The book my dance teacher gave to me before he left London is titled: Soul Lessons & Soul Purpose by Sonia Choquette.

When I had my awakening in 2011/12, this book provided immense guidance and healing relief. It set the foundation for the work which I’m doing now. It was one of the most direct lineages for this website you are visiting at the moment.

Sonia is still my most influential teacher as she is never tired of reminding us how important it is to honour and walk our soul path.

I thanked my dance teacher on many occasions, for having an open discussion with me on taboo topics in that Autumn afternoon in North London, for his generous invaluable book that he gifted me last minute… but each time he claimed that he had no idea what book I was talking about!

Here we go! Once again, it was the Angles, Guides and Higher Self devoting their energy to rearrange our reality, both subtly and boldly.

I believe that all the “bizarre moments” are when the Universe is showering us its romance.

Is our Universe romantic?

We, the seekers, have so many questions, but the Universe is more than eager to answer.

The Universe is a very willing partner if you decide to dance with it.

When you tune into the essence of the moment, the entire Universe is on your side.

Tuning to the moment is a form of a divine intelligence. Many of us have spent lifetimes after lifetimes to learn this skill.  You have the resource, capacity and awareness to be able to tune in to each moment. To put it in practical terms, you can –

:: trust your vision even if it feels so far away right now

:: pull back harsh judgement but trying to see things from the other person’s perspective

:: ask your heart if this is what you really want before rushing into any YES

:: connect with the “soul” of an event/conference/gathering/party, before you physically show up

:: “work” with your future team and see if it is a good fit energetically before you apply for a job/attend the interview

:: “play” with your next offering vibrationally before decide on the title, duration and marketing campaigns

:: start today and each day with a deep curiosity as for which essence wants to be infused into your life this day.

For example, I use Hiro Boga’s Deva Cards (online oracle cards) frequently to help me play with essence. I knew I’d write an article on synchronicity today and I thought “wouldn’t it be amazing if the card SYNCHRONICITY pops up and joins me to write this piece?”

Well, I don’t know how many cards Hiro has in total but statistically the chance is less than 1.3% based on a rough calculation. I didn’t put my hope up too much, but I tuned into the moment as I intended.

And…here was what popped up (no, I didn’t wait around for hours until I clicked this one).

synchronicity, deva cards

Small moments like this are not as distinctive as the opening story, still, it gives me goosebumps. It reminds me that we are all divine.

Yet we don’t need to wait for years or decades to appreciate beauty of each second.

Yet we don’t always have to go to other side of the earth, or follow the stereotypical grand gestures in movies, to feel cosmic romance.

Each moment itself presents an opportunity for us to feel at one with everything.

This is how our Universe takes you on a date, and many dates…

female entrepreneur, spirituality, new age

You’ve created a bunch of nice things that you are not even fully aware yet.

Just…look forward.

All my love,

signature, yiye zhangIntuitive Guide & Abundance Mentor:: I decode the mysteries of your soul & bring abundance to your daily reality. I used to be confused too, and it took me a little while to get back on my true path, here is my journey. Currently I’m doing my best to infuse everything I’ve learnt into my abundance shop, have a look and see if you resonate.

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Lovely post Yiye!
Thank YOU.

I absolutely loVe to hear about other people’s life synchronicities.
Life is infinitely synchronized…

To Sparkling Synchronicity!



my original reply has been deleted accidentally – thanks Lynne, I love what you said: “Life is infinitely synchronized…”


Heather Bromley

I love this “we don’t live in a chaotic world – there is a deeper order beneath all “coincidences” and “randomness” – SO perfect, I’ve been experiencing much synchronicity lately and came across your post at the ‘perfect’ time xx



Thank you Heather! I’m so glad to have connected with you!
Sending you good vibes,


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