Slowing Down…

July 30, 2015
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I have been so productive lately. I’ve finally acted on the inspiration and started writing my books – yes, plural! I’m working on my Chinese articles alongside this blog. I even find time (daily) to pray for my community and enjoy sharing the prayers across different social media channels. Our house renovation of 2.5 years […]

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3 Ultimate Basics to Make Your Creativity Profitable with Striking Simplicity

November 12, 2014
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Funding your creative dream is simple (but not necessarily easy given all the noises and hype that you are exposed to). If you strip off all the fancy models, funnels and tactics in your creative business, cutting it back to the bare bones, here is what you must do, daily, to make your creativity profitable, with striking simplicity. Tweet […]

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How NOT to ruin your love for creativity

October 30, 2013
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Don’t compare. Don’t please. Don’t create for the sake of “going viral”. Don’t check your stats every single hour. Don’t be a slave to “tangible results”.   Create to free your vision, your voice, your being. Create to express the truth in your heart. Create to challenge the status quo.   Show up to the […]

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What is holding you back (b) – the unwritten script in your head

May 17, 2012

You might remember a few weeks ago, I posted an article called you don’t need to retire to do what you want I felt a bit guilty after that, because I mocked my friend and anyone behaving like that, however I didn’t really come up with any suggested actions. This directed me to do […]

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Vision versus reality – and how to get around the hopeless gap between them

May 10, 2012

Say if you are a dancer, you have an idea, a great vision of a choreography that you want to bring to life. In your mind, you are utterly flexible and light, your body can do anything that you could imagine, and you can really jump high. However back on the dance floor, you have […]

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