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Money Loves 10 Things…

June 20, 2014
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1. Money loves open-minded receivers. Money struggles to make it to your bank account if you make heavy & rigid assumptions on how you will attract money. And money cries if you make the assumption that people don’t have money/don’t want to pay you. Want to turn it around? Start making a list of all […]

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So You Want to Harness Your Expertise

February 20, 2014
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Then you need discipline. It means being ruthless with your time, how you want to use your energy and whom you want to hang out with. It means committing to the present moment only. And recommit to it every day. Discipline is an attitude, a state of being, a way of living. It is owning […]

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Solving the Chicken-or-Egg Client Problem

February 20, 2014

You have found what you love and enjoy doing. You are more than 50% sure that you are on your path. However you need to find ways to make ends meet. You are stressed, overwhelmed and frustrated because your service/business hasn’t taken off yet… Let’s face it, no paying clients = no business. And you […]

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Ludovico, Inner-Child & Your Desire

January 26, 2014
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I wrote this on my note book two years ago: “One day, I will be able to play with words like the way he writes the music.”ย  Heaven knows how much courage and practice that will take, but I want it!ย  ย  Badly. ย  And a few days ago I saw him. Live. ย  In […]

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