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Challenge + Dare for your 2013

November 12, 2013
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The mercury retrograde is over, I hope that you have some healing experiences and old patterns being released. We have ONLY less than 7 weeks left in 2013. This week, I’d love to encourage + challenge you to show up your divine Self more in your business and life. Now we are so deep in […]

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How to step into your sensual playfulness & divine feminine power

October 22, 2013
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(photo credit: Kristian Schuller) The real power of your divine femininity is beyond measure. Gone are the days you were a Cinderella waiting to be rescued, it’s not even about being female. Each one of us, male and female, carries within our psyche both Masculinity and Femininity. Now the divine feminine energy raising up planetarily, there is […]

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How To Release Your Fears + Activate Your Inner-Warrior

September 2, 2013

Have you ever picked up gum outside your street and stuck it to your T-shirt? Maybe even have a taste of it? Of course not! Excuse the gross opening but please let me explain. Do you know how much fear + anxiety you might absorb from others, which you keep in your aura/energetic field on a […]

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Why Struggle Can Be Good + 3 Ways to Sooth Your “Spiritual Puberty”

August 20, 2013

I took 4 laps of walking meditation in my local park, my heart was still pumping loudly – 10 minutes later I would log onto Skype and talk to my first-ever paying client. I was very excited to be able to attract my first-ever, but the nerves and scares definitely outweighed everything else. She was […]

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A Love Letter for Your Exhausted Heart

July 7, 2013

“Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.” – Lin Yutang Your eyes are dry. Your head is spinning with thousands of thoughts. You can’t remember the last time you had a really good night’s sleep. […]

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Don’t let this reason stop you from earning more {moneytine special}

February 12, 2013

  I was frustrated, exhausted, defeated and mad (until I finished this new article). Why? My accountant just called, and they messed things up…again…for the nth time… I hung up the phone and took a few deeeeep breaths to tame the F word which sadly still came out. Don’t get me wrong, back in my corporate […]

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