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Value Your Gifts Deeply

October 10, 2017
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This autumn feels particularly rushed, at least here in the UK. (By the way, if you are a reader from the Southern hemisphere, please don’t be put off, I hope this letter can be useful for you in 6 months and every year after). I mean, no warning for the sudden sharp drop in temperature, […]

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The Apricot Moon: Home Is Where You Are

February 26, 2017
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Tonight, under the New Moon, Apricot Moon (ie, the Second Moon in the Lunar Year 杏月), we feel the Spring inside. I am listening to this piece of music now. The temperature still fluctuates but you can see it clearly that green sprouts out of the ground, a new cycle of life is coming around. […]

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“If I Were Loving Myself Fiercely…”

December 6, 2016
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Sometimes life throws countless choices at me, and often these choices are not easy for my mind to make. And I still remember how frustrating it was for me during my early 20s, I got lost in the sea of other people’s energy, didn’t know how to honour myself, my inner voice was buried or […]

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What To Do When Your Friends Don’t “Get” You

November 27, 2016
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One of the many struggles for lightworkers and creative entrepreneurs is that when you start out or want to change direction, your family and friends don’t really support you – at least it feels this way at times. Sure, they are worried about you, they are concerned, and they might even want to warn you “for […]

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Supermoon: Your Life Is Your Movie

November 14, 2016
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So, tonight our moon will be full, low-hanging, exquisite and the closest to Mama Earth since 1948…The full moon energy will be supercharged, which can lead to some immense manifesting power, but can also trigger emotional turmoil. If you are in an anxious or depressive state, I want to assure you that you’ll be more than OK. No matter how deep your sorrows […]

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Rise And Shine

October 18, 2016
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About a month ago, I shared the following note with my newsletter readers: “When you read this letter, I am probably on my way to Southern France. Ahhhh…France, the country I have successfully avoided for three decades, no matter how romantic Paris is, or how gorgeous the lavender fields are. I was just afraid to […]

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