The Answer Is Simple

by yiye

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In the modern online world, it’s easy to get sucked into the velocity of life/events/launches/promotions and comparison. As a result, we over complicate our business/career/life purpose.

Are you stressed over your next “step-by-step strategies”, niches, job titles, taglines?

It’s essential to go back to the core, so that we can remain clear, faithful and joyful.


Answer the following question.

Why do you do what you do?

I’m not talking about the “elevator speech”, or the “one-sentence description”, or the “5-second-first-impression”…If you’ve nailed them, that’s cool. But if you’ve been around for a while, you’ll realise that none of those remain the same permanently.

I want to know the deeper motivation about your work, straight from your heart, accompanied by this pure intention and emotion. Something which cannot be attained by your stats, conversion and numbers. Something so authentic that touches us profoundly which we will always remember.

Tell us your why.

Tell us why you get up in the morning to write/paint/sing/dance.

Tell us why you will host your next workshop/retreat, open schedules to work with clients, over millions of other things that you can do.

Don’t ask your ego.

Your ego doesn’t know. Your ego will try its best to find the big words/terminology/the current hottest trend to cover any inadequacy.

But your ancient, the most compassionate SELF does know.

S/he knows that the answer is quite simple.

Tap into your ANCIENT SELF. Invite your Angels and Guides to create a safe & inspiring environment for you.

Light a candle. Invoke your Ancient Self with a prayer: “I surrender to your benevolent power, please show me through my words.” Repeat if necessary, until you find this inner-connection.

Many clients thought that they didn’t know what to write about, or that they would get laughed at by their family, current clients or a random reader from thousands of miles away. So they told me, with frustration, that they are really stuck – “kinda know my big why, if only I knew the words/had the courage to share them on my website.”

But whenever they relax and connect with their own inner-wisdom, the words started to flow, their vibrations got high, and their offering became more clear that felt way more doable than before.

So my invitation for you, is to try it today and whenever you feel stuck. Allow your own wisdom to surprise you.

I’ll start here. Why I do what I do:

I was born with bundles of enthusiasm to explore life searching for its truth. I live and breathe for freedom and adventure. But just like many wild souls with a quirky sense of humour, I chose to reincarnate in a communist country with a strict upbringing.

Reality was hard. At my soul-level though, it provided a perfect playground. I was deeply curious to find out how exactly to create space for self-expression when the outside forces are designed to restrict, limit and even crush you. I’ve been harnessing this skill for the past three decades.

So far, my life works.

My first spiritual & psychic awakening came along with long-term illness in 2004. I’ve experienced several re-awakenings since then, through both light and darkness, via forms of abusive bossescreativity recoverypast-lives discoveryangelic connections, PTSD, uplevelling and exotic travelling

Fears, dark nights of the soul…I know them well. Inside out and upside down. Nevertheless, each time I was showered with more heightened intuition and oneness.

Humbled and yearning to serve as a lightworker, I asked my Guides, “Is there something that I can do to help? In small or big ways, I don’t care.”

“Simple. Start with sharing your life experiences. Here and now.”

So, here we go. My real life experiences, across two continents and half a dozen professions, have brought me to where I am today.

Today I blog about various topics:

+ intuitive development & connecting with your spirit guides and angles;

+ growing your purpose-inspired business and your delicate uplevelling;

+ money relationship and self-worth healing;

+ manifesting daily miracles & abundance;

+ your empowered femininity, your love for soulful connections, your ultimate creative dreams…

+ alongside my own entrepreneurial journey – I share not just the glitter but the nitty-gritty and some raw truths that many wouldn’t speak about (or might not even be aware of).

I share all tips and how-tos and stories, that I know of, on expressing your life from a place of who you are. No more “fitting in”, “getting by” or “putting up with”…

No, you don’t need to be fixed either – fundamentally there is nothing wrong with you and there never ever was! Take a moment to tune inwards – you are a magnificent being with so much to offer to the world – your body knows this ancient truth. And with the right attitude and practical tools, not only can you be liberated, you will also reach your true size.

Sharing my message is what I love at a cellular level – by helping you remember your truth, I also remember mine.

Thanks for being who you are…

All my love,

law of attraction, business coach

Intuitive Guide + Abundance Mentor.

I help you decode the mysteries of your soul + bring abundance to your daily reality.

This is my journey, and this is how we can co-create for you.

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