The Missing Piece

by yiye

It’s the time of the year that everything is so crowded, in terms of physical space (shopping, meeting friends/family, spending time with people you might not actually like), and mental space (should you look for a new job? negotiate a promotion? raise your price and go online? moving in/getting married/having kids? where is your next holiday destination?)…

I’d like to invite you to take a quick break + acknowledge how far you have come.

Looking back on 2012, it’s one of the most challenging years for many people I know. Maybe you feel this is the case for you too.

Things were shaken up. Rules were broken. Many “supposed-to-be” doors shut down for you (fortunately even more new doors are revealing themselves).

You realised that you were on the wrong train, so that you had to get off; but were not sure when YOUR train is coming, and occasionally taken over by the fear of “if my train is coming at all” .

But, my friend, I hope that soon you’ll also say: “2012 was the year when the shift actually happened, when I truly reconnected with my essence, when I started to view the world and myself differently.”

The wisdom you collects, the light and love you spread is never wasted nor insignificant. It is carefully “printed” in your Akashic Record (aka book of life).

The pains and wounds you’ve been through were never totally unwitnessed – the source knows who you really are.

turn your purpose into prosperity with yiye zhang

turn your purpose into prosperity with yiye zhang

Is it really a new world we are heading to?

I believe so.

In the 5th dimension, I can already “see” a new world that is based on collaboration, joy and truth.

I can already see your dreams alive. I can see vivid colours, hear the laughter and sense so much more compassion and passion.

5th dimension is a spiritual term, and in this dimension the concept of “time” doesn’t exist. This dimension is made of a frequency of “unconditional love”. A large part of your soul is in this dimension, so as many of your angels and spiritual guides.

This is a place where your deep calling rests – your soul’s vision.

My reading and intuitive coaching are done in the 5th dimension and above.

I’ve done reading for friends when they had goosebumps, and jokingly asked me: “How did you make this stuff up?”.

LOL – I swear that I don’t just make shit up, just love the cosmic humour. Their visions, desires, (or pains) are already in their energetic fields. I’m merely a reader to relay the information and articulate the insights.

Whatever heart’s desire you want to manifest, it already has strong potential in the 5th dimension.

Some people might question me: “OK, OK, I get what you are saying. But look at my reality – and look at the reality in our world: gun shooting, natural disasters, people are still hungry…what you said above is not relevant or practical!”

Well, dear old souls, lightworkers, pioneers – this is what you are here to do.

You are here to transform what in the 5th dimension to 4th dimension (where our emotions and thoughts are; this is a place where telepathy takes place), then use your thoughts and emotions as a bridge to create your desires in our physical world, 3rd dimension, which means money, food, people, house, cars, pets…

Every time you succeed in manifesting your heart’s desire, you bring more joy to your family, friends and customers. And that joy can counterbalance so much darkness out there right now.

If you haven’t manifested them in your physical reality (3rd dimension) yet, what’s the missing piece?

It’s the feeling, emotions and thoughts in the 4th dimension! (Yep, woo-woo stuff has its own logic/rationale too lol)

I firmly believe that prosperity exists in all dimensions: 5th and above (spiritual), 4th (emotional) and 3rd (financial and physical). And that’s why I always say “Turn your purpose into prosperity: spiritually, emotionally and financially”, they really CAN go together if you want them to.

Your soul has a mission/purpose, no matter how confused you think you are, your purpose is clear in the 5th dimension and above.

You just need to trust yourself more, put more feeling and passion into whatever you do, and train your mind to see every opportunity beneath all the challenges.

And of course, be as grounded as you can: surround yourself by people who support and inspire you, eat well and sleep well, invest your time, money and effort into learning everything you can, in order to live your purpose.

You are here to live your purpose throughout all dimensions. You are not here to tune out from our physical reality by staying on the top of a mountain (well, you probably have done that in many past lives before!)

So, here is your 2013. Create abundance and transform them from the 5th dimension to the physical world.

It’s a journey of coming back home – remembering who you are.

This will not be done overnight. And for our new world to emerge itself on a global scale, it will probably take at least two decades.

Patience, creativity, gifts… are in great need more than ever! Doesn’t this excite you at a cellular level?

You were not born by “accident”. You carefully chose this time to reincarnate.

Your time is coming!

Claim your unclaimed gifts, express your unexpressed talents, heal the old wounds and share your brand new journey unapologetically with the world.

If you hesitated to publish your blog/website, click the “publish” button now;

If you want to learn to sing, dance, set up a business, stop “researching”, show up in the next classroom/training area;

If you want to live your purpose, then actively look for opportunities to express such desire and bring passion into every single moment of your life: when you serve people, serve them with love; when you do washing up, do it with care and joyful thoughts, when you get paid, sincerely thank yourself and the Universe for these results…

To your purpose, to your spirit.

To your 2013 and beyond.

Sending you all my love


ps. thank you SO MUCH for your emails, comments sharing your mini-miracle success!

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