The Most Important Thing When Attracting What You Want Is to Feel Good

by yiye

be happy, feel good

Guest Post By Chris Spink, Law of Attraction Coach and Mentor

Feeling good is the key to whatever you want to be, do or have. Instead of needing the world and people around you to change to make you feel better, you can feel good and watch the world change to match your good feeling. But don’t just believe me. Improve the way you feel and see for yourself if this works or not; either way, if you wind up feeling better, wouldn’t that alone be worthwhile?

The key to feeling great is not waiting for good things to happen in your life before you feel good. Know that at any moment you can feel better and it can be achieved in a very short time. Everything we want to manifest, we want because we think it will make us feel good, so why not just go straight to feeling the best you can right now.

Feeling good is a choice, not a reaction to circumstances. You might ask, how do I feel good when I have a situation in front of me that makes me feel bad? The answer to that question is that you can’t look at a situation that feels bad and expect to feel good about it. Instead, take your focus away from the not so good stuff by going general, and find better feeling thoughts.

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We often think we need to get to the bottom of a problem before we can feel good again. But the truth is, you will never find the underlying cause because as long as you continue to focus on the problem, it will persist. So redirect your attention away from the problem and find a way to feel better. Let go of trying to change reality from the outside and start changing it from the inside. The result is that when you feel good most of the time, you will attract all that you want. This must be it is LAW.


Do you believe you are in complete control of how you feel?

Imagine a negative situation happening to you; do you have a choice about how you feel?

Do you believe that feeling good attracts more of what you want into your life?


Continue to be aware of how you feel moment to moment. For this exercise, when you become aware that you are not feeling good about a situation that is occurring in your life, choose three things that make you feel good when you think about them. For example, holding your baby for the first time; your first kiss; finally getting that promotion or job you dreamed about; getting the key of your dream home; the fabulous time you had at the party last week etc.; it can be flowers, butterflies or sitting by the ocean listening to the waves. Your thoughts can be about anything you know excites you or really gives you pleasure. When you are having a moment of feeling bad, bring these Thoughts or images to mind and observe how your feelings improve. Continue to focus on these thoughts that make you feel better and write down your experience and how you feel afterwards. (This is a good exercise to show you how changing the subject and going general can change your point of attraction).

–Β Chris Spink (Law of Attraction Coach and Mentor)


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{Yiye’s note: This is NOT an affiliate link. I share this with you simply because that we all need “feel good” vibes and reminders from time to time. Enjoy!}


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