Time to learn the easy way – ASK YOUR GUIDES

by yiye

Ready to ditch learning the hard way and switch to an easier, more fun and dynamic way?

Today I want to dive into a topic which has been avoided or ignored by many people – YOUR SPIRITUAL GUIDES!  They can give you pretty down-to-earth advice in terms of how to find bargains, attract your ideal clients, and making mutual-beneficial connections….the list can go on.

You do NOT need to be a professional psychic, guidance is available to everyone.

How many guides can you attract? Why are they here?

Apart from your angels and archangels, you can have up to 33 guides at any time in your life; if you seek to expand your consciousness, you can attract more than 33. Given you are visiting this website, you probably have 33 or more.

We talk about our spirit, or higher self very often; however because of our rigid fear-based ego, sometimes we lose touch with our spirit. That’s where your guides come in.

Your guides’ purpose is to connect you with your higher-self, the highest expression of you. Through serving you, they are also self-serving.

My teacher Sonia taught us that guides can be roughly categorized into these groups: runner, helper, teacher & master teacher, healer, joy guides, and light beings. Just like we have our personalities, each of your guide has his/her own style and “niche”.


Runners are very close to nature. They know your local area really well and love to make your life easier and smoother. As the name suggested, they literately run to help you locate missing items, find parking spaces, make joyful business connections, or join a supportive community….

My runners always help me to get seats even on the busiest Underground Line in London; give me hunches to check something online at unexpected times, only to find out that my favorite designers are offering huge discounts!

To share a story with you, I wanted to set up my own business this May but I had NO idea what it would be. I was browsing Amazon for no particular reason and came across John William’s Screw Work Lets Play. Then I checked through his website – there was a programme called 30 Day Challenge.

Sounded good but I hesitated if I should spend more money – I already invested by hiring a 1:1 coach and enrolling in a couple of high-end business courses, should I spent more?

While my brain was debating, I found my fingers already typing my credit card details online. Then I knew that it was my runner guiding me through my hands, so I stopped wasting my time, and happily paid for this challenge.

30 days later my business was indeed born. Looking back, the group energy in 30DC was much needed for me to set something up swiftly.

That’s how runners work: they rarely speak through words but a nudge or an inner-knowing, although at times it seems like an ridiculous idea. They save frustration, cut the crap/second guess, and deliver quick results to you!


  • Animals: do you have any animals passed away? they can be your runner guides too.
  • Watch your language when you ask for help, some runner guides can be very proud. Treat them like your associates. Always be grateful, friendly and polite. They will happily run for you as soon as you request, so do say thank you.
  • Write a list with 3 – 5 items you want your runners’ help with this week. It could be finding a reliable designer, holding a good seat at a busy restaurant, sales from your favourite brand. Runners don’t like second-guessing your desires, writing down your goals will make it easier for them to act upon.
  • The turn around time is often very quick – minutes, hours, days, (or weeks/a short few months for bigger projects like buying a house).


Helper guides assist you on specific tasks or projects. Some come and go, while others can stay with you for your life time. It really depends on the nature of your specific tasks and their connections with you in the past.

Helpers are very often your family or loved ones who have passed away. One of my helpers is called Huang. He is here to help me stretch my comfort zone, and build this intuitive, service-based and spirit-led business.

I feel like Huang is my mum’s grandfather, whose surname was also Huang. I did ask my mum about great grand-father. My mum told me that he was a very open-minded person when he was alive. Although he didn’t receive much formal education, he managed to build a well-known bookstore by following his instinct and pure passion for books.

I was so excited to hear this, because great grand-father sounds like an ideal business consultant for me!

Since I started this website, I have been consulting Huang on my day-to-day concerns: how am I going to grow my business with ease and grace; how can I better serve people without selling myself short?

I also ask him:”Please give me some clues – where are the people who might have a difficult day and my website can uplift their energy right now?”

And I always do receive guidance: talk to xxxx, drop xxx an email, say “yes” to xxxx, post on that forum tomorrow evening etc. As a way to get subscribers and clients, it works like charm!

I also have had other helpers in the past: communication helpers (giving me clues to learn English), helpers with money and investment, creative wedding planning helpers etc.


  • Helper guides are very close to your heart. Every time you sense an insight from your heart (other than your own inner-voice), that’s your helper;
  • Don’t ever feel like that you are bothering your helpers: they are so honoured and pleased to help you (through helping you, their souls grow in another realm too; and when you are not on earth, you probably are someone’s spirit guides ).
  • Helpers aren’t limited to your ancestors, your tasks and projects can attract guides who have particular expertise. You can even invoke “celebrity” helper guides. For example, Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, invoked Rodgers and Hammerstein to help on her musical.
  • Write down a list of 1-2 major areas you need help right now: for example, improve your money situation, online marketing, house renovation, learning a foreign language, being more patient in general. If you haven’t worked with your helpers before, trace back your family members who passed over, anyone has expertise in these areas? Invoke them, and receive guidance through inspirational writing, auto-writing or meditation. Enjoy!


Your teachers probably directed you to this website, to the courses you are attending, the coaches/mentors you are hiring at the moment. You know what, your teacher guides also work with your potential clients’ runners, teachers, helpers and healers….

You probably have heard of using Law of Attraction to get your ideal clients etc. To go slightly deeper, my understanding is this: guides put a lot of work in behind the scenes. Before any synchronicity (or coincidence as others refer to it) occurs, your guides and your clients’ guides work together to give clues and vibes to both sides, and make the process smooth for you both.

You might ask: I tried so many ideal clients exercises but why  am I not getting as many as I want yet? This might happen because of different reasons:

1. For the most common one: you are off balance and your priority is to take care of yourself at the moment. In this case, your teacher and helper guides would hold back getting your new business flows but healer guides will come in and re-charge you first. Your potential clients’ guides wouldn’t want to send them to you either.  This is because when your energy level is down, your clients won’t get the most out of it.

Only when you are fully embraced with your own brilliance, you can serve your clients the best you can.

2. You are not ready to take something on a large scale yet. Your guides would suggest you to learn things step by step.

3. There is something more suitable for you down the road, you are better off to save up your energy and time in the future!

Guides often work together towards the highest goods for everyone who is involved.


  • Your teacher guides are not so interested in your day-to-day affairs: when will I get married? when can I get a payrise? where is my dream house? Runners and helpers are much more suited to answer these type of questions.
  • Your teacher guides will NEVER get tired answer these question: How can I serve my purpose better? How can I be of a better service? Ask them. If you love writing, then image your teacher guides borrowing your hands writing back to you. Follow the flow and see what happens. If your 6th Chakra (ie imagination) is strong, then ask your teacher drop ideas to you through imagination or visualisation meditation.
  • Don’t forget about your teacher guides who are in physical forms my spiritual guides on earth include my all time favourite Sonia Choquette and Sabrina Tully. I do seek help from them in addition to my guides in other realms.
  • In addition to your teacher guides, you also have one or two Master guides. Master guides are very compassionate, enlightened, patient, and demand nothing but the best from you. If you are attracted to any masters in history, chances are they are your Master guide.
  • Teacher and Master guides oversee your life purpose: my teacher and master guides, together with Archangel Michael, step in when I do psychic readings with clients. Because the type of the reading I do is around who you are, and why you are here. Masters resonate with a very high vibration, they can be in different places at the same time. At times I discover that my clients and I share the same Master…..

A few things to remember….

1. Your guides see you as their equal at soul level, it doesn’t matter if you are a young soul or older soul. You don’t need to kneel down while seeking guidance, you just need to be polite and sincere.

2. You can’t expect your guides to run your life for you. You guides can drop as much inspiration and as many ideas as you need, but they can’t do the work for you, for no one can ever override your free will. You must initiate the willingness first.

3. High calibre guides will never flatter your ego. They help you to see the inter-connected nature of human being, instead of telling you that you are so special, although they love you dearly. True guidance will remind you that you are gifted, powerful, unique but so is your neighbour in his/her own way.

How to attract high calibre guides? Simply pray. If you are religious you can use the prayers from your religion (eg. Rosary). Or if you are not from any religious background like me, you can use your own prayer; something simple, sincere and straight from your heart will work beautifully.

4. Only ask for guidance when your are sincere enough to hear wisdom + be very open-minded. If you dismiss what you received, just because what you hear is not quite what you expected, the next time your guides will go away. Their energy is just as precious as yours.

5. If you receive any insight that sounds scary, chances are the information is from a low vibration entity. All you need to do is to make a clear and firm intention: I send this entity to the source or light. Ask your higher self to protect you and only allow guidance from the frequency of unconditional love and above.

Other than teachers, helpers and runners, we also have joy guides, healers guides, warrior guides and light beings. Oh and of course our guardian angels and Archangels (the big guys!). If there is a particular area you want me to write more on, just leave a comment below and let me know!

All guides have one common goal: bringing you back to your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is YOU at his/her best form (the master within you). Your guides spend a lot of time, energy and devotion to serve you, so that you can see beyond your fear-based ego personality, and re-touch your expansive and unlimited self.

Like any relationships, the more you are committed to know your guides, the quicker they respond to you. Please make space to communicate with your guides + get back in touch with the master within you. 

With special gratitude to my guides Huang, Lycia, Giss, Jo, Michael, Raphael, Mimi…and your guides for giving you the hunch to read this post 🙂

All my love & good vibes

Want to dig even deeper?  

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This is such a beautiful way of categorising guides! Mine is a little different, which doesn’t make me wrong, or right, it’s just different ways of describing the same reality. I’m going to share this all over the place 🙂

Much love!


Would love to hear your ways too Sibylle!! The key part for people is to work with guides. Groups are categorised so it’s easier to identify and communicate with (I categorise based on which dimension they are from)
Thanks so much for the sharing…your Greece journey is beautiful btw!
all my love


Wonderful article, Yiye. I especially loved reading the part on the ideal clients and how guides work so much behind the scenes. Recently I was deciding on trademarking a name and when I asked my guides about it, their reply was, “We’re ready when you are”, helping me understand that they do so much work behind the scenes, that their work continues while I wait after I place the order.

I was imagining them helping my file along with nudges to others and etc. It makes me wonder if what we casually consider coincidences are really not, that there’s a whole team behind the making of everything. It helps me see the gratitude piece in a bigger light as well. Also, it is so true that when the person is off balance, the business naturally slows down and I know people come to expect and understand that energetically they have a “closed” sign and clients taper off, then they know when they are broadcasting the “open” sign and clients re-emerge. Thanks for this Yiye!


Thank you Anni! I felt your guides when you were doing the beautiful design work for me!! thanks for our guides for connecting us 🙂
At the moment, the following guides have strong presence:
Muses, their message: “look beyond the norms, whenever you feel the frustration, turn it into creation”
Higher Self: her message:”leave the decision with me” 🙂
Joy guides:alongside your muses and trying to make you laugh 🙂
Have a beautiful afternoon


What an interesting read, I really enjoyed learning so much about guides. I would love to know more about guardian angels and Archangels.


Thanks Judy, more about Guardian Angels + Archangels on the way!! stay tuned!
By the way – right now you’ve got Archange; Raziel – helping you on self-discovery journey; and Archangel Sariel, keep things in order for you.



Yiye, this was so beautiful and clear. Thank you for allowing this writing to come through to me at the perfect time.


Thank you CJ – glad that you enjoyed them!

Michele Bergh

This is a great article on your guides and how to work with them. I have to say, I love them all and my runners are awesome. They are the best at getting me parking spots that are always perfect!


So great to hear Michele! thanks for reading!

Jodi Chapman

This is so interesting and also so thorough! Thank you so much for sharing more about our guides – I’m still pretty new to this world and to opening up to my guides, and this was such a beautiful way of sharing them with each of us. 🙂


Hey Jodi – thanks so much for dropping by! You have a delightful helper guide!
all my love


Loved what you said about not getting what you want because your health and energy needs your focus first – I recognised that’s happened to me a few times in the past few years. Great article Yiye. xx


Thanks so much Donna! love yours too!


wow…i’m so keen to know more about this whole topic…i’ve soaked it up thank you. I absolutely love the idea of a Team working around, through and with me on my journey. Yiye, what are warrior guides and light beings?


Hey Mel, thanks for connecting! Glad you enjoyed it. Yes those loving beings are around you + support you all the time 🙂
In general warrior guides help you to set your boundary, stand up for yourself and cut the cords.
Light beings are from very high dimension, when you feel your heart is growing, you see beauty in all things and events, that’s probably because light beings are working with you, nudge you and enlighten you. Pay attention to the space above your head, normally light beings are shown as white sparkles 🙂 try to see them or enjoy their presence when you are in the bath or when you are really relaxed.
I can write a whole post about them soon. If you haven’t signed up yet, You are welcome to sign up and be the first to know
all my love

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