Value Your Gifts Deeply

by yiye

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This autumn feels particularly rushed, at least here in the UK. (By the way, if you are a reader from the Southern hemisphere, please don’t be put off, I hope this letter can be useful for you in 6 months and every year after).

I mean, no warning for the sudden sharp drop in temperature, the sun seems to be more shy than in previous years, and the evening darkness has come on very strongly.

We learn about ourselves the most in this season.
As the summer “being out there” vibe has passed, we look naturally inward. And this is when a lot of us feel uncomfortable: the grief, the fear of letting go, the facing our shadow side, the stocktaking of what we have really done in the past year…In short, we are afraid of the…fall.

As all the surface impressions are being stripped out, we see and feel the destruction both externally and within us. No wonder why so many of us in the northern hemisphere suffer from October depression – I still remember back in my own corporate days how exhausted I felt.


In the ancient Chinese Five Element tradition, the season of fall is associated with the Metal element, which gives us the sense of quality and value (if this is difficult to grasp, just think of minerals, crystals and precious metals).

The corresponding parts in your body are: Lung (Yin) and Large Intestine (Yang), who are the experts to let go (bowel movement, including any spiritual rubbish and emotional garbage) and take on new inspiration (breathing in), as long as they are balanced and functioning properly.

To understand the power of nature, I did an experiment in the past two weeks.

I really took time and space to allow nature to help me sort things out:

:: physically (by breathing the morning air deeply),

:: mentally (by appreciating the colours in the world),

:: emotionally (by feeling into grief if necessary and openly sharing my daily journey on Instagram), and

:: spiritually (by daring enough to descend and retrieve relevant past lives).

It was easy. It was enjoyable. It was super effective.

And the best thing? I didn’t have to force or push anything at all. Just let nature do the magic for you:

:: I couldn’t help but declutter my home all over again.

:: I was able to forgive some past karmic and challenging relationships and wrap them up with unconditional love.

:: I felt both solid and creative at the same time (talking about the equilibrium in Libra).

So, the merits of the experiment?

When you accept the appropriateness of letting go, when you dissolve the old patterns which no longer serve you, when you reflect on and appreciate the values left in your life and creativity, nature will automatically shower you with more inspiration and your inner richness. Just like the glorious show of colour the world is displaying right now.

Being balanced and in tune in this season helps you coming back to your true essence and restoring your self-worth.

And talking about which, today, I’d love to invite you to value your gifts deeply and fiercely. There is nothing more rewarding than appreciating and cultivating your innate gifts.

Better, if you feel called, craft a high-end offer and make it a vessel to share your all gifts with fellow souls, no limits, no restrictions. Let your inner-rich warm their heart, open their eyes and colour their mind.

“I want to offer high end services, but who will find value in them?”

Or “I am passionate about my work, but I don’t have what it takes.”

Or “I love the nature of my work, but I am afraid to be seen.”

People tell me. I know what they mean. I used to fall into those traps too.

But here is the truth. You don’t need a sophisticated marketing channel. You don’t need to be a so-called guru. You don’t need to be perfect.

But you must get the inner-game right and be willing to show up. From that place, the Universe will deliver the rest through synchronicity.

I shared some real life examples on this during the bonus call of Money First Aid Kit – you can now get access here.

Love and value who you are – the world will love and value you in turn. Share your passions and gifts with the world fiercely. Prosperity will hunt you.


With love

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