Wanna soothe the pre-holiday stress + stand in your power for real?

by yiye

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This is a topic that is dear and near to my heart.

When you grew up, the school might have taught you how to solve X in an equation, how to spell and pointed you to read a few classics.

But no one has taught you how to build your personal boundary without guilt. Quite often you say “Yes” to the wrong things and “No” to your own heart.

Especially if you are naturally caring and giving – there are always people who find a way to offload on you without you both consciously realising it…

In short, being overwhelmed, pushed around and even apologetic is your default mode.

Now the holiday season is approaching. You might have a long shopping list to go through, perhaps you are in the middle of launching something precious, or you are pondering how you are going to spend the time cheerfully with those who you don’t actually like.

With all of these things coming together, you feel pressured and squashed- it seems like that something or someone is always on your back…

I hear you. I’ve been there myself too.

The solution is actually really simple. Learn how to plan and map your energy, and tap into your true power.

Here is the thing: whenever there is a conflict, the higher vibration always wins. I’m not suggesting you should over-power other people, or bring dramas and further problems into the situation.

Quite the opposite – as a light being in the making, if you can hold that high frequency and resolve every challenge with a pure intent, my friend, imagine the ripple effect you can create in the world…

Some of you might have noticed that I’ve revamped my website  lately and I’ve also upgraded the ebook Express the Master Within into an e-course, with the following bonuses in addition to the original book:

  • A guided meditation to help you “meet”/connect with your very own Guardian Angel.
  • A mini-workshop (3 x video/audio training) on how to build a healthy energetic boundary, so that no one can “psychically vomiting” on you.
  • 2 x video training to guide you in transforming your fear into love + have a full-body “YES” (I’m sure that you’ve heard this concept a lot, but you probably also want to actually DO IT)
  • 9 x empowering follow-up emails to keep you accountable
  • 1 x subliminal audio to raise your vibration

The total value exceeds £275. You can get the early bird price (ie. 50% off, only £15 now) by 30 Nov.

This is for you if you are tired of the same old people, same old patterns, same old cr@p + want to learn how to deeply trust yourself.

All examples in the book are real. All the tools and processes I share in the bonus materials – I use them EVERY DAY. Because they are my companion to leap into a new paradigm. The result? I still feel shy, embarrassed or nervous when I am doing something completely new. But I no longer doubt my role as a co-creator in my life, I manifest whatever is needed, I trust and I feel free. And that’s my biggest delight and liberation to date.

Please check it out.

And even if this is not for you right now, feel free to pass it onto people who need it. Thank you so much for spreading the love and light.

All my love,

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