What makes a woman beautiful, and a man a man?

by yiye

Last week I went back to dance class. The teacher is one of the most stunning women I’ve ever seen –  her skin tone, eyes, lips, body shape etc, to me all look flawless.

Especially when she performs on stage, not only does she know how to use arms and legs, she HAS long and lean arms and legs to play with…

However, to my shock, she was moaning that she didn’t look good enough…

I nearly screamed at her.

So I wanted to talk about beauty this week. This is a topic that I care a great deal about.


Thanks to the ridiculous magazine-level definition of beauty, most women sabotage themselves.

I believe every woman on this planet is beautiful.

Well, if only she sees it.

What makes a woman beautiful?

She might think it’s the new mascara or the matching shades of cheek powder and lipstick.

She might forget about the bigger picture: her posture, her facial expression and her inner light…

She might not realise how beautiful she is when she gives up her seat on the bus for a pregnant woman;

when she changes diapers with patience and devotion;

when she stumbles across the road with her walking stick not forgetting to throw you a 100% smile.

Beauty is hidden in her daily commute foot steps,

in her effort to resolve every single conflict or challenge,

in her apron when she prepares the family meal with the greatest care.

Chanel, LV, Jimmy Choo  – they are all wonderful, but nothing if not worn by a woman with inner spark.

Beauty is in her dreamy eyes when she paints her soul on the wall;

and a simple reflection in the mirror, when the realisation that she is made of divinity finally arrives…

Because of the divinity, what makes a woman beautiful is the same as what makes a man a man.

It’s all in the attitude.

When he opens his heart;

When she holds her ground;

When he forgives and forgets;

When she steps out of her comfort zone to surrender to something bigger – physically, financially, and spiritually.

Her ease of Self.

His owning of Self.

When you see him or her, you also see the blossoming of life.


Action time:

We all need this reminder from time to time.

So today I invite to you spare 2-3 mins, and note down at least 5 things you love about yourself: for example, your favorite part of your body, your most proud creation to date, your happiest moments in life, the last time you gave a genuine compliment freely…

I hope you will see that your list is endless…Enjoy!

With love

yiye zhang, london spirit coach

Ps. feel free to forward this to your friend, your daughter, your mum, your wife/partner, or whoever you think is beautiful.


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