What’s holding you back (c) – How to reprogram your subconsious mind?

by yiye

All those subconscious thoughts and emotions that we inherit from our culture and upbringing form our fundamental worldview, ironically they are easily overlooked. If we don’t actively seek what our subconscious mind tells us, we will carry them with us for the rest of our lives. That’s OK, if they serve us well, but too unfortunate if they don’t.

What are the signs?

The most practical way is always the simplest – your own body that is.

Our mind, body and heart are all inter-linked. As modern scientists taught us, groups of cells in your body that form a group intelligence which allows them to function collectively. If your heart and head lack harmony, your body will be thrown out of balance.

If any of the following apply to you, it means something is not quite right. Either you are not following your heart’s true desires or you thought you were but your subconscious mind is holding you back. You must alter your thought process to be able to implement any changes in your life effortlessly:

–         suffer ongoing pains in parts of your body. Our culture encourages us to suppress our feelings – they might bypass your brain but will impact your body, particularly shown as stomach pains, shoulder pains or migraine

–         catch cold/flu easily

–         loss of appetite for food or sex

–         suffer sleeping disorder

–         suddenly put on weight or lose substantial weight to an unhealthy level

Other emotional or behavioural signs include:

–         paying more and more attention on how others think of you

–         feel like experiencing quarter/mid-life crisis

–         mysteriously miss some deadlines (it is no mystery at all!)

–         if you moan more than say 10 times per day (that suggests there is a huge room for life improvement. Find the negative source and remove it and add more positive sources)

Try to see the above signs as opportunities. Your body has its own intelligence, and its own way to tell you that you can live larger and more easily than you currently do.

You can check the signs however frequently you want, if you have a good self awareness. Alternatively you can find a buddy, who you trust and is honest and supportive, to check with you.  If you think you are too busy to reflect, your buddy will nudge you that perhaps this is when you most need to reflect.

Re-code yourself

If you look at the mass media and press, they often focus on why things don’t work. Instead of focusing on ways that don’t serve you, I invite you to shift your energy and create new ways that work for you.

You know the list of the beliefs you wrote about your project last week? If the belief doesn’t serve you anymore, you simply need to reverse it and feed the updated belief to your mind. We must master our habits and thoughts, otherwise they will enslave us.

Taking myself as an example, I have always longed for a lifestyle that allows more freedom and flexibility. However subconsciously I used to have this silly thought – I wanted my CV full of big names- that was the only way my subconscious self would think that I am safe. I remember it well that last summer when I resigned as a permanent employee and made myself a freelancer, I knew I was on the right track despite the fact that I had pains here and there feel nervous at times. Fortunately I used affirmation to help me to settle into the new change quickly. I tell myself day and night that freedom and inner peace is my top priority, and peace shall bring me a safety net.

Or taking my friend in the previous post as another example; it will help if he starts to tell himself that playing is a positive thing. And every time he goes out to play, he should give himself a little reward. This way, it will create a condition to trigger more and more playing activities in the future until it forms a belief and habit. You might think it is a bit like training a dog, which is demeaning for you. Actually our subconscious brain in a way does behave like a dog – loyal, taking orders from us and trainable. Hopefully this can motivate you more to take charge of your subconscious mind. 🙂

The great thing about subconscious mind is that, it doesn’t decide if it’s true or not, it only accepts. That’s why babies are able to process so much information although they haven’t developed rational thinking yet! However, remember that when you do affirmation, avoid the expression of “don’t”, which only confuses your subconscious mind. For instance, if you don’t want clients that don’t pay you promptly, then affirm that you are able to get reliable clients instead.  Just like you need to give your dog clear instructions to make sure they understand your intentions.

Subconscious mind runs day and night. Research shows that the best time to reprogram ourselves is before sleep, as we are in the condition to readily accept without disruption.

Not all subconscious thoughts are holding you back though. Some are very in line with your real desires. Look back at events where they firmly supported you. Acknowledge them. And trust that if you get your subconscious mind on board, they can serve your heart better.

Make a friendly play with your subconscious mind, train it well, and it will help you to unlock your potential. Enjoy your discovery! And once you have any successful stories please do share!

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