Don’t Whistle At Me (On Behalf Of My Soulsisters)

by yiye

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Don’t whistle at me.
Stop, meet my eyes and say hi, so that I can feel your ancient, beautiful, eternal essence inside.
You never know, in 5 minutes we can have a conversation that your soul will enjoy like… forever.
Strangers vs dating, this notion is so boring.
You are deeper and more vast than that.
How about a nourishing meaningful friendship?

ps,Β I posted this initially on my LinkedIn update, and I’m so grateful to receive many thoughtful comments from men. Very delightful to read them and respond to them – I’m more and more hopeful for a world of meaningful connections. (By the way, you might have to connect with me or follow me to be able to read them.)

Divine connection, sensual femininity

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Nela Dunato

Beautifully said! I have nothing to add. I wish more men would understand this.



Thank you so much Nela! Your comment inspired the p.s. Have a beautiful summer!


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