Why “competition” is irrelevant for real winners

by yiye

Have any of the following happened to you lately?

  • all your peers are getting promotions and payrises except you;
  • most of your friends have tied the knot or had cute babies, but your guy still hasn’t popped up the question yet (or your girl is interested in something completely different from your priority);
  • your business “competitors” all had quick wins but you are still slowly hustling your way up

Tough, isn’t it? but before you give up or start sulking, I invite you to watch this video of Kelly Holmes. Perhaps this 3 min video can change your perception.

She had injuries and glandular fever between 1997 – 2003, and considered quitting athletics.

It took her a lot of courage to go back to the running track for the 2004 Athens Olympics.She didn’t even expect to win the 800m (see her face at the end?).

You see the first race – 800m, at the start of the final lap, she was still way behind. She could have given up or carried on running. However she knew that it was not the finishing line yet. She simply carried on.

The world-class competitors didn’t exist in her world- they were there only for reference and maybe some inspiration. Kelly ignored them, she ran her path only. In her interview afterwards she admitted that one of the crucial reasons that she won the 800m was by not getting caught up in what everyone else was doing.


If you are having a challening experience at the moment – remember: it is nowhere near the finishing line yet. You are gonna ignore the noises of others, walk, run your own path.


If Kelly saw how far behind she was, she could stop trying her best, go home and just finish her athletics career.

But she stayed on the track and gave out her best faithfully.

Thanks to her faith and inner strength she succeeded, otherwise no one else in the world would see or experience this phenomenal performance.

You know what? The inner strength and faith Kelly had, is not limited to Olympic athletes only. You and I have access to it too.

I don’t care what mistakes you have made this week/month/year; I don’t care how far that you think you are behind schedule. I can tell you that:


The game hasn’t finished yet, stay on.

You have your own track to follow, and if you don’t step into your own arena, who will? It is nothing to do with competition, it’s about YOU.

Be the star in your own path.

Be a real winner in your own game.

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With love,

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Beautiful. Thank you for this supportive post. It makes me think of how important it is to NEVER GIVE UP. Keep moving in the direction of our dreams and one day you will arrive. In the mean time, enjoy the journey!


Hey Shann, thanks for your kind words. I love what you said too, in the meantime, simply enjoy the journey!


What an inspiring post, thank you!


Thank YOU for connecting Tat!!
Love 🙂


So very inspiring. Thank you very much. This helped me address something inside of me. 😀


Dear Arwen – thanks so much for connecting as always…
Love and blessings

Tanja @ Crystal Clarity

Holy gods, Yiye, this video has tears pouring down my face. The joy on Kelly’s face when it finally registered that she’d won was just… incredible.

Thank you so much for sharing the inspiration.




Kelly is awesome isn’t she?! Thanks for dropping by and your support! All my love

Karina Ladet

I loved this post, Yiye! Perfect timing for me : ). I always want to be further ahead and then I get discouraged… Thank you!

Big hugs, Karina


Hey Karina, great to see you again! thanks for your support and sending all my love!


That’s a great idea! I have given myself a year to make significant progress. Wherever I will be this time next year, I’d love to share it with you 😉


Superb Christiane! I really look forward to it!! in the meantime, sending my love and prayers to you thoughout the year!

David M

Excellent and timely post Zangy x


Thanks bff!

samantha jenkins

Yes what a great reminder! It’s all too easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing, and to feel defeated that it’s all over for us. Thanks for championing us all!


Thanks for dropping by Sam!


I hadn’t realised how far ‘behind’ the field Kelly was in this! I’m already finding this Olympics so inspiring because of all the wonderful, persistent, talented and determined athletes…awesome reminder that we have access to the same qualities! x


Hey Donna, thanks for dropping by. Donna on the beach what a great name!!

Jeslyn Sophia

This is EXACTLY what I need to hear at this moment. When things are not going the way I want, I tend to beat myself up and doubt my own potential. Thank you for this amazing post. It keeps me moving forward! 🙂


Yeah Jeslyn, put your head down and keep it up. Sending you all my love and best wishes!


Hi Yiye 🙂
That’s a great post, thank you so much, very very timely for me.
I have two quotes that sit besides me these days and I read them EVERY day to myself:

Someone decided not to give up.
Someone decided to do something and kept going.


Hey Kasia! thanks for dropping by and sharing your great quotes.
Hope everything is going well! all my love

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