Wisdom Comes In Winter

by yiye

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There is certain beauty of experiencing the world in the lens of winter: bare bones, simple, revealing, yin within yin, taking out of all the fluff…

There is a sense of getting back to who you really are finally and patiently awaiting a new cycle to start all over again.

Obsessed by our culture are spring and summer – the growth, the expansion, and the feeling of being alive itself.

In comparison, winter does not have the same testimony.

Often we think linearly:

“up is good, down is bad”

“life is positive, death is negative”

“sunshine is luck, and rain? “why does it always rain on me”?”

Only, only and only, one day, instead of turning back, we turn around the corner; then out of sudden, a new under-world, a new perspective, new understanding reveals itself.

Ahhhhh….we can relax back into our being: “I am that I am”. We feel in our bones that there is no real lack, nor is there a need to cling on to anything, and that we have been around, around, around and around for thousands of years. Nothing is really new to the Dao, and nothing will ever be gone.

When you are inclined to fear that you have no sun, no flower, no heat, please dare to go within.

Please take time to explore your inner resources – deeper than you previously knew, isn’t it?

Cleanse your inner vision, so that you can see your graceful essence.

Love your essence so that you can tap into its wisdom.

Use this wisdom so that you know there is no lack.

Nature teaches us a great deal on this. Nature is always content with itself, no matter what season it is present, and allows the Dao to work through it.

“Act without doing;

work without effort.

Think of the small as large

and the few as many.

Confront the difficult

while it is still easy;

accomplish the great task

by a series of small acts.”

Lao Zi

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