Your untamed wildness = …

by yiye

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Uncaged Sight.
Cosmic Beauty.
Creative Tsunami.
A fresh breeze out of the cubicle box.
A clue that heals your wounds and bruises.
A frequency that elevates the planetary consciousness.
And indestructible.
A seduction to the multi-dimensional stairway.
An ecstasy out of the mundane.
A fantasy that you can live out…
Salute to your untamed wildness.
Embrace. As long as you breathe.
This wildness, you were born with, often has been buried, judged or “corrected”. But this energy can never be destroyed.
It always finds its way back to nudge you. For example, don’t you just love to hang out with writers or dancers or performers or comedians or intuitive woo-woos…?
Or sometimes the Universe can even push you or shake you. Redundancy? An unexpected career change, anyone?
You can bury it again for another 10 years, wait for it come back and go through even more inner-hurdles.
Or you can admit it, acknowledge it, celebrate it, unleash it, act upon it. Here and Now.
The rest?
Leap. And give the net a chance to appear.

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